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Almost everyone has a washing machine at home, but the cleanliness of the washing machine itself is not something that many people will pay attention to. When the washing machine is used for a long time, the grease and dirt on the clothes will accumulate in the drum of the washing machine, which will make the clothes even dirtier after washing. Online articles claimed that baking soda, white vinegar and washing machine cleaner can be used for washing machine cleaning. Which one is the most efficient? Is there any difference between top load and front load washing machine? Deco-Man is going to answer 6 frequently asked questions about washing machine cleaning!

Question 1: Is washing machine cleaner useful for cleaning?

There are detergents and cleaners specially for washing machine drums available in the market. Put the detergent into the washing machine, fill it with water and turn it on to start the cleaning process. The main ingredients of those laundry tub cleaners are caustic soda or sodium hydroxide, which are strong alkalis. This strong alkaline can dissolve grease, hair, and even fibres. It is very effective in removing the dirt.

Usage and precautions of washing machine cleaner

As strong alkaline is corrosive, everyone should be careful when using washing machine cleaner.

  • Different volume of cleaner should be used for different machine, please follow the rules stated on the product
  • Wear gloves when using
  • After washing the drum with the cleaner, cleaning mode should be used for several times to clean the machine with clear water

【電器清潔秘笈】梳打粉+白醋無效? 清洗洗衣機教學 6 大疑問全解答

Question 2: Is baking soda useful for cleaning?

Many people would recommend using baking soda to clean the washing machine. Baking soda is also called sodium bicarbonate and it’s slightly alkaline. Like other cleaners, its alkaline ingredients can dissolve grease, fibre, etc. It is a good natural cleaning agent.

Cleaning method of top load washing machine

  • Fill the top load washing machine with hot water
  • Add half a pound (about 200 grams) of baking soda to the drum of the washing machine
  • Use the washing function of the washing machine or the ordinary washing cycle to stir for 5 minutes
  • Pause the washing machine and let the washing machine soak in hot water containing baking soda for 60 minutes
  • Release the water
  • Start the general washing procedure again with the empty machine

Cleaning method of front load washing machine

If your washing machine does not have a self-cleaning mode, you can clean it with the following procedures:

  • Put half a pound (about 200 grams) of baking soda into the washing powder compartment of the washing machine
  • Start the normal cleaning procedures with high temperature water
  • Press stop after the washing machine is filled with water for 3 to 4 minutes
  • Let the washing machine soak in hot water containing baking soda for 60 minutes
  • After that, you can turn on the washing machine as usual to complete the washing process
  • After finishing the washing procedure, start the general washing procedure again with the empty machine and clear water

【電器清潔秘笈】梳打粉+白醋無效? 清洗洗衣機教學 6 大疑問全解答

Question 3: Is white vinegar useful for cleaning?

Some people would also recommend using white vinegar to clean the washing machine, but white vinegar is an acidic cleaner. There are chances that it reacts chemically with the metal drum in the washing machine and corrode the metal, so it is recommended to use natural baking soda only.

Question 4: Is baking soda + white vinegar useful for cleaning?

This is a wrong approach as the mixture will undergo neutralization. When the acid and alkaline are added together, a lot of heat and carbon dioxide will be generated. The carbon dioxide may splash out some acid and alkali, which may burn eyes or face. This is a very dangerous practice.

Question 5: What should I do if the door gasket of the washing machine is moldy?

In addition to the washing machine drum, there is also a waterproof ring commonly known as gasket where the stain can be hidden. Since the gasket is made of plastic, it is more likely to become moldy.

Cleaning procedures of door gasket

  • Use a towel or toothbrush to dip a small amount of white vinegar, wipe or brush the gasket. The inner layer of the gasket should be turned out and cleaned thoroughly too.
  • If you encounter stubborn stains, you can dip paper towels with 1:49 bleach and place them on the stains for about 3 minutes. Then, clean the empty washing machine with the normal washing cycle.

Question 6: How often do I have to wash the washing machine?

If the washing machine is used frequently, it is generally recommended to wash it every six months to a year. Most washing machines nowadays have a self-cleaning mode. As long as you use the washing machine cleaner, you can easily clean the washing machine.

【電器清潔秘笈】梳打粉+白醋無效? 清洗洗衣機教學 6 大疑問全解答

Tips for maintaining the washing machine: Always keep the door open

After using the washing machine, the moisture is heavy and the door gasket is not completely dry. If you rush to close the door of the washing machine, it becomes moldy easily. So, after each use, you must use a towel to dry the gasket and open the door for ventilation.


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