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English country style originated from the 17th century. At that time, the British was bored with the luxurious aristocratic style and began to turn to the fresh and natural country style. It retains the exquisite decoration of Victorian aristocratic style and combines to form the English country style. This style tends to be comfortable and warm, and showing the gorgeous touch in details.

British country style colour scheme

English Country Style:舒適溫暖而不失品味 英式鄉村風格

The English country style emphasizes comfort and warmth, so soft tones are preferred. White or light-coloured floral wallpaper is an ideal pattern with cream-colored furniture, in green, blue and yellow.

English country style furniture

White kitchen cabinet

English Country Style:舒適溫暖而不失品味 英式鄉村風格

The white cabinets can create a bright sense of space. Together with the wood table made from rough wood, it makes us remember the good time with family on dining table.


In English-style homes, weatherboard is an essential element, which has been used since the 16th century. At first it was used to help prevent moisture, and later decoration became its main purpose, which was used to enhance the overall style.

Victorian decoration

English Country Style:舒適溫暖而不失品味 英式鄉村風格

In order to highlight the British style, Victorian furniture is an essential element. Victorian house decoration is bright and gorgeous. The sweet appearance matches the countryside. If you are worried that the Victorian furniture is too much at home, you can consider adding only one or two pieces of small Victorian items, such as the soft and delicate pillows, velvet recliner or a classical tassel table lamp.

Antique portrait

English Country Style:舒適溫暖而不失品味 英式鄉村風格

English country style home often put family photos or portraits in the living room. If you don’t have old-fashioned family photos, you can collect some old photos in a second-hand store or market, and then mix the real family photos printed in black and white or brown to create a classic style.

Horse and dog furnishings

English Country Style:舒適溫暖而不失品味 英式鄉村風格

The British used to be a society based on equestrian and hunting, so they love horses and dog. Set up horse and dogs furnishings at home to enhance the English style, such as horse portraits and small dog figures.

Bookshelf filled with books

English Country Style:舒適溫暖而不失品味 英式鄉村風格

A bookshelf with full of books is also a must-have item in the English country house. Place the bookshelf between the sofa and chair in the living room to increase the warmth at home. The bookshelf extends from the ceiling to the floor is a great way to show your talent and knowledge. Imagine a long winter night, it is so relaxing to pick your favourite book and read with your family.

Indoor decorations and textiles

The English country style is built on the rich indoor decoration, so a lot of interior decorative items and textiles cannot be missed. Floral armchairs and sofas are always covered with many pillows with a soft blanket, it is best to match a variety of rural textures and patterns.

Wooden furniture

Wooden furniture is also an important element of the country style. Wood is the material of choice for conveying warmth and natural feeling. For example, the rough-textured wooden dining table just mentioned, or the Windsor chair originated in the United Kingdom.

Brick wall

English Country Style:舒適溫暖而不失品味 英式鄉村風格

There is always a fireplace in the countryside homes. The red bricks surrounding the fireplace are the strong element in creating the English country atmosphere. You may consider matching the TV wall with red brick as the characteristic wall of the home to show the rustic country atmosphere.


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