Fashionable modern and classic style Custom-made furniture enhances the ambience of the house

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The owners of this apartment are fashion bloggers. In the beginning of the home design, she specifically requested to have a space for photo taking at home. Later, the couple found some photos on internet to express that they liked the design of crown molding and glass house. Then the designer knew that they actually liked the classic style.

The couple were surprised about the idea of classic style because they rather opt for modern style. But after showing few 3D images to them, they were satisfied and decided to go with modern and classic style for the home design.

充滿時尚美感的現代古典風 訂造家具提升全屋格調
充滿時尚美感的現代古典風 訂造家具提升全屋格調

The designer used a large number of crown molding to outline the space, and used black, white and gray as the main color tone, embellished with elegant dark blue and metal elements. This brings out a sense of three-dimensional layers at home, and at the same time shapes the modern and luxurious classic atmosphere. And in order to make the entire style more prominent, the couple used custom-made furniture to fit the ambience. Take the coffee table in the living room as an example. The marble pattern and the irregular graphic improve the overall style.

充滿時尚美感的現代古典風 訂造家具提升全屋格調

In addition, custom-made furniture can be made with additional purposes for your desired uses. Take the dining table and chairs against the wall in the dining room as an example, there are several storage boxes under the chairs, which can be used to store the less-used kitchen utensils and other items. The sofa in the living room is made of special fabrics. Even if you spill the wine accidentally, you can clean it easily. As the couple love red wine very much, it is a great design for them.

滿時尚美感的現代古典風 訂造家具提升全屋格調
充滿時尚美感的現代古典風 訂造家具提升全屋格調

Ample considerations were made when choosing the right materials. Originally, the entire apartment was paved with tiles. However, they changed to wooden floor to complement the classic style. After rounds of discussion and in order to avoid delays in construction time and the increase in budget, they didn’t remove the tiles but to pave the wooden floor directly on top. Considering that the use of solid wood flooring may cause problems such as moths due to moisture, they decided to use ultra-wearable imitation wood flooring instead. In addition to being cheaper, the wear-resistant characteristics are also suitable for children to play at home.

Regarding the notes to take for custom-made furniture, we interviewed the decoration consultant, Andy for more advice.

“Although there are many benefits for custom-made furniture, you need to pay attention to few things. The most common problem is that the furniture does not meet your expectations. As there is no physical reference for custom-made furniture, you have to explain the material, size or structure very clearly before the making. If you want to have large custom-made furniture such as wardrobe and sofa, you need to consider whether they can fit in the lift. All in all, it is worth spending time to find a reputable company to do so.”


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