Flamboyant and Chic: Modern Italian Interior Design

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Most of us associate the country Italy with delicious cuisine, fashion brands and football.

In fact, Italy has a long history of artistic creation. Even their interior design and furnishing are among one of the most distinctive and fashionable in the world.

In the recent years, Modern Italian design has become increasing popular. In Hong Kong you can easily find imported Italian furniture, with which you can channel the artistic vibe in your home.

Here are three keys to creating that artistic Italian look, make sure not to miss them!



Flamboyant and Chic: Modern Italian Interior Design

Italian artists have an exceptional eye for beauty and colours, and are able to translate that in their aesthetic outlook with an outstanding uniqueness.

In terms of interior design, a good use of colours is key. In a Modern Italian design, you should a main colour, a secondary colour and an accent colour.

A typical Modern Italian design palette goes like that: white for the main colour, black for the secondary colour and red for the accent colour.

Generally speaking, the main and secondary colours tend to be neutral tones like black, white and grey. Dark brown is also an excellent choice of warm tones, reminiscent of the coffee-drinking culture in Italy.

The accent colour on the other hand should be vibrant and saturated. Red is a classic accent colour in Modern Italian designs.

You will soon notice that on top of neutral tones, drawings in any moderately saturated colour can easily stand out and a dramatic picture is composed.




Flamboyant and Chic: Modern Italian Interior Design

Italy’s strongly artistic culture manifests itself even in Italian furnishing styles. Characteristic and extravagant, Italian furnishing is decorative by itself.

Modern Italian design is not at all related to the Country design. Therefore, you can rarely find unprocessed or wood materials in the former.

To emphasise the Italian flair, special materials like plastic, glass and metal are the more frequent choices for this design. A unified look is the key.

Avoid incorporating too many different elements in the design, since the chaos created will make the interior lose its Italian flair.

All in all, the space should feel organised, tidy, and no elements are at odds with each other. Indeed, an astute fashion sense might come in handy in designing the interior.



No excess

Flamboyant and Chic: Modern Italian Interior Design

Italian designs are free of excess. You will never see wallpaper with complicated patterns in a Modern Italian interior.

This school of design puts a lot of emphasis creating a solemn yet chic space. The picture created should not be tainted by clutter. Storage space, in turn, becomes an important point of consideration.

The simplicity might remind you of the Scandinavian design. If you find this too frugal for your taste, try to add art objects like paintings, pictures and even a mirror.

The Modern Italian design aims to convey a chic novelty. Therefore, rustic objects are generally avoided.


Flamboyant and Chic: Modern Italian Interior Design



Simplicity is key. Like Italian cuisine, the combination of food sources and tastes takes precedence over dining table decoration.

A strong colour contrast and chic atmosphere are not only emblematic of Italian fashion, but also interior design. Italy’s long history of art has seeped into the Italian’s way of life. Challenge yourself and recreate a simple yet chic Italian home.


Flamboyant and Chic: Modern Italian Interior Design


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