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There is flooring at every home. But what are the common flooring materials? How to choose? Floor renovation Basic flooring materials︳Deco Sister’s Home Hack – with Deco-man. Visit https://www.sgdecoman.com/ for more decorating and design ideas!!

Hi, welcome to Deco Sister’s tips.

I am Deco Sister .

There is flooring at every home.

And we have contact with it no matter where you go at home.

As the usage rate of the floor is high.

We need to be careful when choosing the flooring materials.

What are the common flooring materials?

How to choose?

The first type is floor tiles.

The floor tiles are made of clay that’s been baked at extremely high temperatures.

They come with different patterns.

The common size are 500 mm, 600 mm, 800 mm and 1000 mm.

The tiles are in square shape that makes it easy to pave.

However, it is cold to walk on the tiles,

especially when you walk with bare feet in winder.

The second type is the wood block.

It is also made from clay with high temperatures.

They look much better than the square floor tiles.

There are various sizes for the wood block.

But they are all in rectangle shape.

It requires skill to pave the wood block

because they have higher ratio for the length and width.

They are prone to bend under expansion and contraction.

Therefore, skills and patience are needed when paving the wood blocks.

The third type is the engineered wood flooring.

If you are afraid that you will get cold with floor tiles,

Wood flooring is your best choice to give you more comfortable touch.

Engineered wood flooring is made from the solid wood.

It is more difficult to do maintenance.

They are not water- and scratch-resistant.

Although they are easy to pave,

they can only be paved on flat surface.

The seamless wood floor is similar to the engineered wood flooring.

They are made with wood materials and glue and are compressed together.

They top layer are scratch-resistant.

The floor patter is not natural but artificial.

As long as they are not wet,

they have a longer durability than the engineered wood flooring.

In addition to the above common flooring options,

there are different types of flooring materials that you can choose from on the market.

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