Grandmillennial style: Modern with retro. A fight back to simplicity.

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After the American town style and the English country style, in this article, I will talk about Grandmillennial design. Minimalism has been popular for many years, but Grandmillennial style has emerged from foreign countries in recent years. It is the idea of rebelling against the repression of minimalist life. This sense of resistance goes deeper into the interior design style and derives the Grandmillennials style. What are the features of Grandmillennial style? “Grand” (for “grandma”) in Grandmillennials refers to grandma’s room.

The main points of Grandmillennial 

Grandmillennial’s focus is on a comfortable, relaxing and reassuring home. Many of the nostalgic aesthetics and inspirations in Grandmillennial come from the grandparents ’comfortable and old-time decor. But this style does not completely abandon the modern, but integrates some modern elements, making the style nostalgic and comfortable, but not tacky.

Fill your home with printed wallpaper

Grandmillennial style: 新世代結合復古 對簡約的反抗 千禧主義

Grandmillennial’s design does not use a simple white wall, but a variety of printed wallpapers. Whether it is small floral or large floral wallpaper can enhance the warmth at home.

Hierarchical stacking

Grandmillennial is a combination of modern and old times. Putting the two styles together can increase the sense of hierarchy. Each piece of furniture and decoration has its own unique patterns and features to shine.

In addition to walls and furniture, you can also use two carpets of different materials to stack on top of each other, or a floor with a unique texture and a flowery carpet.

Selection of colour

Grandmillennial style: 新世代結合復古 對簡約的反抗 千禧主義

Grandmillennial’s inspiration comes from the warm memories of grandma’s home, so the colour scheme is generally soft pink. But this mix and match style will add a bit of modern elements, so no need to worry about adding colours other than pink. Consider using dark colour on one side of the wall or floor, and then match with a piece of pink furniture.

Selection of furniture

Grandmillennial loves the old age, vintage furniture such as ruffled fabric sofa, antique chandeliers, original hardwood floors and so on are the ideal choices.

Grandmillennial style: 新世代結合復古 對簡約的反抗 千禧主義

You can use the same pattern fabric for sofa and curtain. This can make your large furniture seem to be integrated into the home, which greatly enhances the sense of coordination.

Grandmillennial style: 新世代結合復古 對簡約的反抗 千禧主義

In addition, try to place a Chinese-style blue and white porcelain decoration at home to increase the grandma’s style at home.

In conclusion

Grandmillennial is a style led by a group of young people who love old things. This is a sweet memory in their mind, exquisitely showing their love for grandma style. This style is more fashionable than the retro style and can last longer than the modern style. Choose a bold patterned fabric, as long as the colors match well, this can make the appearance more layered and comfortable without chaos. Always follow your heart and choose your favourite decoration in Grandmillennial.


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