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Floor tiles play an important role in the decoration of the ground. Whether it is the texture or the choice of color, it directly affects the overall style of our home. If you want to have perfect indoor decoration, the first thing you have to do is choosing the right floor tiles! Most of the owners in Hong Kong will choose ceramic tiles. In the following article, we will talk about the choose of floor tiles tips mentioned by HK Decoman’s decoration materials class. And we will share some important points that you need to pay attention to when choosing floor tiles.


1.How to distinguish the quality of floor tiles?


The quality of the floor tiles is not determined by the brand or the place of origin, because there is superior and inferior quality of floor tiles even in the same brand. When choosing the right floor tiles, what we should know is the texture of it. The tiles are mainly divided into three types, namely pure ceramic tiles, homogeneous tiles and ceramic tiles. Among them, pure ceramic tiles have the highest quality that are smoother. The homogeneous tiles are the second, then the general ceramic tiles. This classification method is useful for distinguishing the quality of floor tiles. There are also other methods to determine the tiles quality by means of furnace temperature and QC (quality inspection). But in general, it is enough to determine the tile with its quality on the surface. 


2.Is it ideal to buy floor tiles in mainland China?


Some Hong Kongers favor Italian tiles and find its irregular style is more beautiful. In fact, the difference between the Italian tiles and the Chinese tiles is only in the technique of the pattern. The flatness of the tile is not dominated by the place of origin. The origin of the file is not a reason to determine the quality. Of course, if you are more confident about the Italian brand, you can buy the mainland tiles of the Italian brand, which the price is much lower.


If you are not buying a large number of tiles, you should think about the price after the transportation fee, time, the delivery fee, etc. to see whether it is cheaper than buying in Hong Kong. And if you still need to buy some of the tiles in Hong Kong, you may not be able to buy at a cheaper price for bulk order. Even if you decide to buy the tiles in Mainland China, it is recommended to buy at a store with good reviews. There are cases that the tiles come with different colors and the patterns are not aligned. Buyers should consider whether it is worthwhile to buy in China in case you need to change the tiles and see if it will affect the profess of decoration.



3.Should I buy the floors tiles myself or to seek help from the decoration company?


The price wouldn’t have much difference even if you buy the floor tiles yourself or to seek help from the decoration company. But we suggest buying the tiles together with the decoration worker, so that he can give you evaluation of the feasibility and other recommendations.


There are a lot to learn in choosing floor tiles. If you want to know more about it, you can join the talk regarding building materials which is held by HK Decoman. 


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