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In the article “Guide to choose floor tile (1)”, we shared some tips about choosing the floor tile. In this article, we will share the important information that you want to know about the floor tiles.

1.Slip resistance of the floor tile

Different floor tiles have different degrees of slip resistance and application scenarios. In Hong Kong, we follow the German standard DIN 51130. Among the slip resistant floor tiles, R9 is the lowest and R13 is the highest. This standard is tested by the professionals wearing safety shoes on different oily substances and slopes. In general, the R9-R10 is suitable for home use. In places such as bathrooms, it is recommended to use slip resistant floor tiles that is above R10. The homeowner can also do their test at home but pay attention that different shower gel may have different effects on the floor tile.

2.Floor tile color difference

Different batches of floor tiles may come in different colors. You may not find it obvious when you look at it individually, but once you pave all of them on the ground, you will find it noticeable. In this case, you will need to fill the tiles. If you want to reduce the chance of tiles-filling, you should pre-determine the paving method before filling. The number of tiles required for paving should also be measured by the renovator with onsite inspection rather than deciding by the floor tile shop owner.

3.What is unsanded grout?

Unsanded grout is used to fill the gap between the tiles. This step must be completed to maintain the aesthetics of the home floor as there are chances that bacteria may grow between the gaps. Unsanded grout has higher stain resistance and mildew resistance than traditional white clay. For dark tiles, you need to use the unsanded grout that is slightly darker. For the light tiles, you need to use the unsanded grout that is slightly lighter. For the tiles that are not too dark or light, you need to use the unsanded grout that is as close as possible to the color of the floor tile. Remember to use a color card to compare colors. It is easy to make mistakes when looking at the color of the tile only.

4.What to do if the floor tile bends?

The floor tile may bend sometimes especially if they are put at the bottom. You should check the floor tiles once you get the delivery and report to the sellers in case of any problems. If the number of curved files (over 2mm) is large, you will need to change the entire batch. If the number is small, you can put the problematic tiles on the edge or to replace individually.

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