Guide to choose the best product: How to choose WD-40 professional grade tools (3)

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After introducing the WD-40 professional grade tools (1) and (2), in this article, we will focus on three special products from WD-40 Specialist.

Multi-Purpose Cutting Oil

This WD-40 Professional Series Multi-Purpose Cutting Oil is a lubricant designed for metal work and processing work. Its main function is to reduce the frictional strength caused by metal-to-metal contact, which can greatly reduce the risk of metal overheating. In the home repair DIY class, the instructor once mentioned that when using electric drills to drill holes, water should be used regularly to cool down the drill. Otherwise, the strong friction may cause metal fatigue in the drill bit, which reduces the efficiency and damages the drill bit. Multi-Purpose Cutting Oil is a protective product for metal tools that improves work efficiency.

The main function of Multi-Purpose Cutting Oil is to reduce the frictional heat and friction, reduce cutting torque, improve cutting efficiency, and extend the service life of the tool (or metal tool).

Guide to choose the best product: How to choose WD-40 professional grade tools (3)

Example: When drilling a hole in a metal plate / cutting metal with a metal appliance.


Product Information: WD-40 – Multi-Purpose Cutting Oil WD35006

Dust Free Air Duster

Dust Free Air Duster is simply a bottle of air. It has a high-pressure effect when spraying it. Just like an air cannon, it uses a strong “air pressure” (wind) to blow away the dust and dirt on the surface.

The official product description states that the Dust Free Air Duster helps keep electronics, homes, workshops, and vehicles free from dust. The Dust Free Air Duster can easily blow away the light materials such as dust, shavings, sawdust, metal scraps, dirt and debris.

Its main selling point is the dry and powerful dust-removing air that can remove dust easily. It is suitable to use on all plastics and precision equipment. Air Duster’s formula is non-abrasive and non-corrosive. It is a powerful spray that is completely dry, leaving no residue after use.


Product Information: WD-40 – Dust Free Air Duster WD35009

Automotive Belt Dressing

Belt Dressing is a lubricant that is specially designed for automotive and mainly for drive belt. If the drive belt is not smooth, you can apply Belt Dressing on it. Its main effect is to remove dirt, restore the compliance and grip of the drive belt, and extend its service life. It is a professional product that allows cars to go smoother and more efficiently.揀料攻略:教你揀WD-40專業級工具(下)揀料攻略:教你揀WD-40專業級工具(下)

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