Home Interior Designs For Dog Lovers

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Is your dog a major part of the family? If you answered yes, you are certainly not alone. Many dog owners consider their dogs to be their best friends. So much, in fact, that many people decide to create spaces in their own homes that reflect just how much they love their dogs.

Home Interior Designs For Dog Lovers

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If you are a dog lover and are considering various home interior designs specifically for your four-legged friend, read on.

Kitchen Feeding Station

Home Interior Designs For Dog Lovers

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Give your dog the space he needs to eat by building him an elegant feeding station in a lesser-used area of the kitchen.

Consider an elevated dog food feeder with detachable food and water dishes. This set up allows your dog to eat and drink at a more comfortable level.

You can either purchase or build a cabinet in which you can keep your dog food and treats close to the bowl. Look for a cute, heavy mat to go under the elevated dog feeder to catch spills.

Dog Bed Cave Spaces

Home Interior Designs For Dog Lovers

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Your dog will also love his own sleeping area. However, you may need to look at other areas of your home if you want to build something special for your dog.

Do you have a crawlspace under your stairs? A small closet you rarely use? An alcove in the wall? All of these areas could be easily turned into a “cave” for your dog.

If there is space, add a bin where your pup can keep their toys. Make sure the area is easily accessible to them at all times.

If you have to, install a sturdy dog door that is made from quality materials that will allow them to come and go as they please. If you are adding carpet to the area, select a brand that is strong and durable. You want it to last!

Add a comfortable dog bed, too, with plenty of pillows and blankets for your dog to sleep with. For quality and suitable beds customized for the needs of your pooch, you can check The Pampered Pup out for dog bed reviews

Create a Washing Station

Home Interior Designs For Dog Lovers

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If you’re like most dog owners, it’s a struggle to get your pet into your own bathtub. Plus, you’re left dealing with dog hair and dander the next time you go for a nice bath or shower!

Create a washing station in your home specifically for your dog. While it is easier to install one during a remodel or when your home is being built, it is still an easy job as long as you can use the existing plumbing.

step-in shower will be easier for larger dogs, while an elevated tub will work well for dogs you can easily lift. If your dog is getting up in years, consider adding steps or ramps to a raised tub.

Add a storage shelf to hold bath supplies and make sure the showerhead is a flexible, handheld variety.

Designate a Mudroom

Many homes already have a mudroom. A mudroom is an entryway, often a secondary one, that is typically used for muddy shoes, wet coats, umbrellas, and any other dirty thing you don’t want to bring into the main house.

If you have such a room, consider designating it as a mudroom for your dog. Don’t go for having carpets on the floors; instead, consider quality, ceramic tile, vinyl, or brick flooring. You’ll want something that cleans up easily after a muddy and wet dog shakes all over the place!

You can also keep old dog towels in a mudroom to grab when you need them, as well as a designated area for collars and leashes.

Provide a Great Doghouse

Home Interior Designs For Dog Lovers

Image © Ángel Garcia via Pixabay

If your dog enjoys being outside in the yard, you will want to make sure they have the best shelter possible. If you are the crafty type, take a look at the different plans for doghouses that you can find online. If you don’t want to bother, you can purchase a premade doghouse instead.

Whatever you choose, make sure that it is made from quality materials. For example, you will want a doghouse that will provide your dog protection from extreme temperatures. A high-quality wood will help protect your dog from heat.

Stay away from cheap, plastic doghouses that will heat up in the hot summer sun.

Also, you will want to make sure you find a doghouse that has a waterproof roof.

Your dog is likely your best friend, and rightly so! We hope the above tips will help you create a wonderful home environment for your loyal friend.


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