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Today, I am going to share a few more materials for building a partition wall with you. How to build a partition wall (II)︳Deco Sister Home Hacks – with Deco-man. Visit https://www.sgdecoman.com/ for more decorating and design ideas!!



Hi, welcome to Deco Sister’s Home Hack.

I am Deco Sister.

I talked about using wood, drywall and bricks

to build a partition wall.

Many netizens shared with me that

there are other materials for building partition wall.

So today, I am going to share a few more materials for building a partition wall with you.

The first one is the glass partition walls.

It is often seen in commercial buildings.

The advantages are fashionable, thin and easy to clean.

The transparent glass can introduce natural sunlight at maximum.

The glass partition wall is mostly used as shower screen at home.

But in recent days, many people have started having glass partition walls in the living room and bedroom as well.

The second type of materials for building a partition wall is the concrete.

It is fire-proof, noise proof, durable and it can bear great loading capacity.

It performs well in different aspects.

However, the construction of concrete partition walls is complicated.

There are chances that you need to change the floor area.

Thus, it can only be performed after application from a certified builder.

The concrete partition wall is usually built from scratch of a building,

which is rarely seen during home renovation.

Except that when you remove the non-removable concrete wall

and is ordered to rebuild by the authority.

You can also use various types of materials to build a partition wall.

There is no standard way or building method for these materials.

For example, you can use a high ceiling cabinet

or the giant Lego bricks as partition wall.

The demountable division wall is an ideal method to create a separate room as well.

These are all the new ways to build a partition walls.

It is convenient

and suitable for changing the existent spacing.

Technology is changing every day.

There will be more new materials in the near future for the partition wall.

If you know any partition wall that I didn’t mention,

Please drop a message and let me know!

This is the end of the video.

See you next time!


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