[Home Maintenance Hacks] 4 must-learn rugs maintenance methods + 2 tricks to clean rugs’ stains

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Many people use rugs and carpets as a way of decoration at home. However, not many know how to clean the rug on their own and just choose to seek help from professional rug cleaning service. Let Deco-Man introduce the DIY hacks to you all!

【家居保養大法】必學地毯保養 4 大方法+ 2 招清理毛髮污漬技巧

Rug maintenance methods

1.    Dust the rug regularly

Rugs attract dust easily. If there is too much dust, the look of the rug may change. It also flavors the growth of dust mites and make people with allergic rhinitis uncomfortable. Therefore, the rug needs to be vacuumed to remove the dust around twice a week and this can also extend the life of the rug.

When using a vacuum cleaner to clean the rug, random vacuuming does not help to remove the dust because of the electrostatic effect. We have to move the vacuum cleaner at a slow speed in the same direction in order to clean efficiently.

【家居保養大法】必學地毯保養 4 大方法+ 2 招清理毛髮污漬技巧

2.    Comb the rug regularly

After using the rug for a long time, the structure will be compressed and some spots on the rug may become hard. That’s why we have to comb the rug regularly to make sure the surface is smooth.

We can wipe the rug with a lightly wet towel by soaking it in hot water, then smooth the rug with a comb. Finally, iron the rug by placing a wet rag on top.

【家居保養大法】必學地毯保養 4 大方法+ 2 招清理毛髮污漬技巧

3.    Avoid sunlight and moisture

With the wet weather of Hong Kong, rugs can become moldy easily. It is recommended rugs should be placed in a ventilated place. In addition, long-term exposure to direct sunlight will shorten the life of the rug, so you should choose a nice place for the rug.

4.    Change the position of the rug regularly

If there is furniture placed on the rug, the rug will be out of shape because of the pressure exerted on it. Therefore, you should change the position of the furniture regularly to prevent a certain part of the rug from being compressed for a long time.

【家居保養大法】必學地毯保養 4 大方法+ 2 招清理毛髮污漬技巧

Rug cleaning methods

1.    Use rubber gloves for hair removal

The hair entangled in the rug may not be completely removed by a vacuum cleaner. In addition to using sticky roller for clothes, you can also touch the rug with rubber gloves, making use of static electricity to collect the hair on the rug.

2.    Remove different kinds of stains

Water-based stains (such as sauce or drinks)

If the rugs have stains with water-based ingredients such as sauce or drinks, you should first use paper towels to absorb the dirt, then lightly touch the stains with warm water. Next, wipe with a rag or kitchen paper towel, and finally wipe dry with a dry rag. If there are still stains, use a neutral kitchen detergent diluted with warm water to wipe the stains, and then wipe off the detergent with a slightly wet rag.

Oil-based stains

If the rugs have stains with wax ingredients (such as lipstick, crayons) or oil ingredients (such as chocolate, cooking oil), you should first wipe away the dirt with a paper towel, then use volatile oil to wipe away the remaining stains. Then, dilute neutral kitchen detergent with warm water and use a rag to tap the stains off. Finally, wipe off the detergent with a slightly wet rag.

Old Stains

If you can’t distinguish whether the stain is water-based or oily, you can try the method of removing water-based stains first, and then try the method of removing oil-based stains. If it still cannot be removed, you need to find a rug cleaning company to do the job for you.


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