[Home maintenance tips] Is your fridge not functioning well? Fridge inspection methods + storage arrangement + 5 maintenance rules

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Fridge is an important household appliance. However, when using the fridge for a prolonged period, the fridge may become less cold as usual. There are many reasons leading to this and you probably do not need to buy a new one. Some problems can solve by DIY. Today, let Deco-Man teach you how to maintain the fridge!

Basic structure and temperature of the fridge

First of all, we need to understand the basic temperature of a normal fridge to determine whether there is a problem with it. The common styles include two compartments: freezer and fridge.

The basic temperature of the two compartments:

  • Cold storage compartment (freezer): -18°C or below
  • Fresh-keeping compartment (fridge): below 4°C

If the fridge fails to reach these two temperatures, you can adjust the temperature using the controller inside the fridge. If the fridge still fails to reach the standard, there may be a problem with the fridge.

Inspection method: sight, touch, hear

If there is a problem with the fridge, we can do some simple inspections to determine whether the fridge can be adjusted or repaired by itself.

First of all, feel whether there is wind blowing from the fridge. If there is no wind blowing for a long time, it is usually a problem with the fan. If the situation is that there is wind blowing just for a short time or if it is an electronic fridge, it will produce some strange sound. This shows the change of having problems with compressors and other parts, which may need to be fixed by technicians.

If the situation is that there is wind blowing, but the wind is not cold enough, there is a chance that the air outlet of the fridge pipe is blocked, which affects the refrigeration capacity. The first cause may be the habit of using the fridge. For example, if there is too much food, the food will block the air outlet, so the whole fridge does not have enough space for freezing air convection, which causes not enough freezing air inside. You can arrange the storage location of the fridge by yourself first, so as not to block the air outlet, and see if there is any improvement. If not, there is a chance that there is not enough refrigerant, and you need to find a technician to purchase additional refrigerants or replace parts.

In addition, since the fridge is generally cooled by the upper ice tray, and then the freezing wind is sent to the lower fresh-keeping compartment, if the upper layer is too cold that the pipes freeze, and the air cannot be sent to the lower layer, the lower layer will not be cold. If you find that the condition of the fridge is that the upper layer is cold enough while the lower layer is not cold enough, this may be the reason. You can try to empty the refrigerator and turn it off for one night to let the ice in the refrigeration pipes melt, and the freezing wind can blow to the lower layer. It will perhaps improve the situation.

If none of the above self-inspection and self-organization methods can solve the problem, you need to find a technician to inspect and repair it.

Fridge food storage arrangement

As mentioned above, one of the reasons why the fridge is not cold is the method of using it, which also affects the food storage arrangement. The fridge itself has been designed with a recommended food arrangement. According to its placement method, it can reduce the situation that the fridge is not cold enough due to the obstruction caused by the food to the wind.

  • The storage shelf in the open position of the fridge is generally used for storing sauces, and the egg compartment is for storing eggs
  • The raw and cooked food in the fresh-keeping compartment must be stored separately
  • Meat or vegetables in the plastic fresh-keeping drawer in the fresh-keeping compartment is recommended to put separately
  • Some three-layer fridges will have vegetable and fruit compartments. The vegetable and fruit compartments have a slightly higher temperature of 5-8°C.
  • When placing food, leave as much space as possible in the inside position (outlet position), and don’t push it to the most inward position.
  • When placing food, try to place the food in a U-shape, leave more space in the front position and the fridge should not be too full

5 Refrigerator maintenance rules

People who buy a new fridge generally expect its life expectancy to be more than 10 years. If you don’t want the function of the refrigerator to deteriorate too quickly, you should pay attention to the following rules.

  1. When placing the fridge, it is very important to save space to dissipate heat from the left and right sides, as well as the back (i.e. the refrigerator plug) and the top. With Insufficient cooling space, the refrigerator will require more power and time for cooling. It is recommended to leave 5cm on the left and right sides, 10cm on the back, and 30cm on the top.
  2. Avoid placing the refrigerator in direct sunlight or near heating appliances. It will also increase the pressure of the refrigeration system, which will accelerate the deterioration of the refrigeration system.
  3. The fridge is opened many times a day. Keep the door not open for too long and press lightly when closing to ensure that the refrigerator is closed tightly to prevent cold air from leaking out and hot air from infiltrating. If hot air enters the refrigerator, the temperature rises and the refrigerator must be re-cooled, which in turn shortens the life of the refrigeration system.
  4. Avoid putting hot food in the left refrigerator immediately. Try to put the hot food back to room temperature before putting it in the refrigerator, because putting hot food in the refrigerator will raise the temperature of the refrigerator and damage the refrigeration system.
  5. Regular cleaning can reduce the chance of mechanical failure. Turn off the power and remove the movable accessories and shelf for cleaning.


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