Hong Kong local interior design example: Western style to create harmonious atmosphere

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The owners of this apartment are newlyweds. For the home design, they want to have a stylish style and enlarge the living space. They hired Fung Style for the renovation that costed around HKD 380000.

香港本土設計實例 :西式風格營造和諧氛圍

香港本土設計實例 :西式風格營造和諧氛圍

The wife spends most of the time in the kitchen. She likes the western design, thus the designer used black, white and gray color tone to transform it into a semi-open kitchen. The classical frame line on the cabinet door makes the kitchen more prominent and brings out the western feeling.

香港本土設計實例 :西式風格營造和諧氛圍

In order to increase the sense of space, the dining and living rooms are not equipped with a lot of furniture. Lights are deliberately chosen with softer troughs and small spotlights. The purpose is to make full use of natural light using Japanese design concepts. Light can be projected into the living room through a glass separated from the master room, which increases the comfort and making the atmosphere more harmonious and natural.

香港本土設計實例 :西式風格營造和諧氛圍

The master room has an open wardrobe. The sealed high cabinet is usually oppressive, and it reduces the sense of space. However, this large closet near the window becomes the focus of the home under natural light, improving the overall design style.

The renovation difficulties

The entire project took 50 working days from demolition to completion. The main materials include tiles, glass, gypsum board, plywood and Formica rubber board. The owners do not have any renovation experience. In the early phrase of renovation, they did some research on the internet and had many ideas in heads, which made then even more difficult in determining the design options. However, with the assistance of designer and by showing them 3D drawings and samples, the final product met the requirements of the owners.

The kitchen cabinets are customized based on the photos provided by the owners. They wanted to have the kitchen cabinets that were exactly the same. The colleagues from the engineering department spent a lot of time on it and made various samples. The owners were very happy with the finished product.


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