[Hong Kong Renovation Case] 1,700 sq. feet luxury European style apartment in Mid-Levels

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Have you ever fantasized about living in the home of the European aristocrats? How does it feel to be in a European style apartment? Today, Deco-Man will take you to a 1,700 sq. feet apartment with a light European design style located in Mid-Levels, Hong Kong to experience the modern, elegant and gorgeous home together!

Basic information

Park View Court in Mid-levels / Saleable area 1,700 sq. ft. / Three bedrooms / Cost is about HK$1.3 million / Number of occupants 2 adults

【香港案例】1700呎西半山豪宅 現代輕歐式裝潢

The designer pointed out that the design is based on modern European style, so white is used as the main colour to create a clean and elegant feeling. In terms of lighting design, European style often makes use of wall lamps and chandeliers. So, the designer did not choose to use lamp troughs and instead used wall lamps and chandeliers as the main light sources, with some box spotlights to supplement the light, bringing out the ambiance of European home furnishings.

【香港案例】1700呎西半山豪宅 現代輕歐式裝潢

Living room design

The weather in Europe is cold, and almost every household has a fireplace. The fireplace has become a feature of European-style home furnishings. The designer added an electric heater under the TV in the living room. The swaying purple light plays a decorative role for the home while having the real function of a heater.

【香港案例】1700呎西半山豪宅 現代輕歐式裝潢

Both the sofa and the dining table are made of European-style furniture with different textures. To increase the modern sense, simple European-style lines are used, such as simple studded suede dining chairs and marble dining table surrounded by twisted pattern. The feeling will not be too magnificent while bringing out a light modern European style.

【香港案例】1700呎西半山豪宅 現代輕歐式裝潢

Kitchen design

Cabinets in the open kitchen are all white in colour, creating a bright and fresh cooking space. In the middle of the kitchen, a kitchen island is added to divide the kitchen and living room area, which is very common in Europe. The houseowners can also sit next to the island to enjoy a light dinner.

【香港案例】1700呎西半山豪宅 現代輕歐式裝潢

The back wall of the kitchen uses marble-patterned strip tiles, which matches the marble-patterned countertop and bring out the noble and classical European aristocratic feeling.

【香港案例】1700呎西半山豪宅 現代輕歐式裝潢

Bar counter design

The houseowners are wine lovers, so there must be space for enjoying wine. A dark wine cabinet is placed in the semi-open bar area on the kitchen side to create a calm atmosphere. In addition to the waist-high marble platform, the hidden light under the marble platform and the copper-coloured metal high chair also add to the mood.

【香港案例】1700呎西半山豪宅 現代輕歐式裝潢

Staircase design

Next to the bar counter is the staircase leading to the upper floor. The designer feels that the original staircase matches the European style so the original shape is retained. The brown wooden handrails and iron bars are refurbished to black colour, which enhances the modern and elegant feeling. Going up the stairs, several squares are hollowed out on the wall and spotlights are added to allow the owner to place their artworks.

Looking up and saw the wooden blinds that opened to the inside. When the brown blinds are opened, the sun shines into the house, as if there is a cool breeze. Wooden blinds are a common style in foreign countries. As the ordinary aluminium windows do not match the European style, the designer uses wooden blinds in the staircase and also the bathroom to add to the exotic atmosphere.

【香港案例】1700呎西半山豪宅 現代輕歐式裝潢

Master room design

For the master room, a large bed with a dark grey tufted headboard was placed on the dark wood floor, transitioning the sense of calmness from the ground to the wall. The light grey wall increases the gentleness of the room and brings a quiet and soft atmosphere.

【香港案例】1700呎西半山豪宅 現代輕歐式裝潢

Bathroom design

Behind the white sliding glass door is the bathroom of the master room. The wall is made of dark tiles, so white colour is mainly used for the utensils to strike a balance. The white floral line washbasin and vanity are equipped with marble countertops, which shows a luxurious feeling.

【香港案例】1700呎西半山豪宅 現代輕歐式裝潢

The shower position also shows a great design. Originally, a thick L-shaped water pipe was exposed. To make it look better, the designer buried its vertical part into the wall, and the remaining horizontal part was laid with curved mosaic tile to form a seat. For the black wall of the shower room, in order to enhance the ambiance, the designer hollowed out the marble wall to add lights, which shine on the ground. The freestanding bathtub is also equipped with floor lights, which looks like the bathroom design of a luxury hotel.


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