[Hong Kong Renovation Case] 440 sq. ft. Unit in Discovery Bay with Simple and Exotic Interior Design

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Hong Kong people love to travel. It would be better if they could bring the exotic style home, but how can we incorporate the exotic beauty into the home interior design without feeling messy? Deco-Man this time is taking you to this 440 sq. ft. unit by Siena One in Discovery Bay, mixing simple and exotic styles in the decoration to create a different comfort effect!

Basic information

Siena One in Discovery Bay / Saleable area 440 sq. ft. / 1 living room, 1 bedroom / Cost is about HK$300,000 / Number of occupants 2 adults

Discovery Bay has a peaceful environment. The design style of the unit this time can be described as simple and playful. The whole house uses pure white as the main color, and other colors are added in different locations as a combination to bring out the owner’s non-boring and fun personality.

【香港案例】愉景灣 海澄湖畔 450 呎 簡約異國混搭風室內設計

Living Room Design

The pure white walls and dark wood floors bring out a soft and calm atmosphere. At the same time, the white walls can enhance the brightness of the home. Sunlight penetrates into the room from the floor-to-ceiling glass windows and beige curtains, with beige sofas and white patterned carpets. The dark wood color round table TV cabinet matched with ethnic patterns brings out the exotic beauty.

【香港案例】愉景灣 海澄湖畔 450 呎 簡約異國混搭風室內設計

【香港案例】愉景灣 海澄湖畔 450 呎 簡約異國混搭風室內設計

Kitchen Design

In addition to increasing the overall sense of space, the open-plan kitchen also complements the living room, which is based on white. The upper and lower kitchen cabinets are all made of white materials. The cabinet doors under the stylish black sink use the common diagonal grid pattern of rattan, which looks like the design of vacation house in subtropical area.

On the other hand, the hall and the kitchen use floral lines and golden handles to add an elegant feeling to the white cabinets, which brings out the extraordinary in the overall plain color.

【香港案例】愉景灣 海澄湖畔 450 呎 簡約異國混搭風室內設計

【香港案例】愉景灣 海澄湖畔 450 呎 簡約異國混搭風室內設計

Corridor Design

Every corner of the home always brings surprises without losing a sense of harmony. The corridor door frames use the arc-shaped door frames common in the Greek style. The dark gray special wallpaper at the end of the corridor, which pattern makes the viewer have an illusion, extending the sense of space indefinitely. In addition, the exotic chandelier in the corridor exudes an emotional dim light, which makes it feel like being in a foreign resort.

【香港案例】愉景灣 海澄湖畔 450 呎 簡約異國混搭風室內設計

【香港案例】愉景灣 海澄湖畔 450 呎 簡約異國混搭風室內設計

Bedroom Design

Entering the bedroom of this unit is like walking into a resort hotel. The dark wood wardrobe breaks through the format of keeping the dark color in the living room below, bringing a sense of calmness to the whole bedroom. The closet shutter doors and the Thai-style ceiling fan lights are also essential designs for resort hotels.

In addition, the finishing point of the bedroom is the characteristic behind the bed. The artistic wallpaper is used to add vitality to the quiet room, which is more like a hotel’s usual design.

【香港案例】愉景灣 海澄湖畔 450 呎 簡約異國混搭風室內設計

【香港案例】愉景灣 海澄湖畔 450 呎 簡約異國混搭風室內設計

Bathroom Design

The bathroom is also a major feature of the unit. First of all, the bathroom uses two different styles of tiles, the retro-looking black and white floor tiles, and the elegant green wall tiles with different patterns. The collision of the two styles creates a sense of fashion. The bathtub is a pure white bathtub that is not wall-mounted, and the golden faucet makes it look more elegant.


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