[Hong Kong Renovation Case] 760 sq. ft. Unit in Kwun Tong with Elegant and Simple Nordic Style Interior Design

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In recent years, the Nordic style has been popular in Hong Kong. However, you may feel a bit monotonous if everything is mainly simple and white? This time, the designer of the unit added elegant modern European elements to the simple Nordic elements, making the unit different. Today, Deco-Man will show you a 760-sq. ft. unit with elegant and simple Nordic interior design in Park Metropolitan, Kwun Tong!

Basic information

Park Metropolitan in Kwun Tong / Saleable area 769 sq. ft. / 2 living rooms, 3 bedrooms / Cost is about HK$700,000 / Number of occupants 2 adults
The houseowners loves the home atmosphere of light Nordic style. The designer chooses light gray, light wood, white, and off-white as the main tone of the whole house. Simple floral line design on the walls and furniture are used for depiction, with beige floor tiles. The embellishment of wood and steel makes the space show a quiet and elegant atmosphere.

【香港案例】觀塘760呎 淡雅簡約北歐風格室內設計

Living Room Design

The Nordic style emphasizes the release of space. In order to prevent the cabinet from affecting the beauty and movement of the design, the designer uses an open and integrated design to make layouts. The locker is integrated with the wall, thereby eliminating the sense of oppression.
The cabinet is composed of a large number of delicate floral lines and lattice doors to form a hanging cabinet and a floor cabinet, which stores shoes, collectibles, books and television.

【香港案例】觀塘760呎 淡雅簡約北歐風格室內設計
In view of the residence’s regulations that the door of the occupant cannot be changed, the designer cleverly applied the main veneer design and extended it to the inner door for whitewashing, getting rid of third-party restrictions and creating a new and elegant feeling.

【香港案例】觀塘760呎 淡雅簡約北歐風格室內設計
In the dining room, the thin-footed dining table with natural grain and light wood color enhances the Nordic feeling. The Bolle bubble lighting design on the dining table, which the clear glass texture makes the halo softer, and doubles the Nordic simplicity and elegance.

【香港案例】觀塘760呎 淡雅簡約北歐風格室內設計

In terms of living, the designer created a light gray watercolour feature wall and hidden door design surrounded by a steel frame in the living room to divide the hall and the rest area.

Studio Design 

In addition, the male houseowner often work at home. In order not to affect the daily work and rest of female houseowner, the designer adds an inverted bed design in the bookshelf. Cabinets, doors and other panels on the inverted bed are added to hide the bed and preserve the overall design.

【香港案例】觀塘760呎 淡雅簡約北歐風格室內設計
Bedroom Design 

The bedroom uses three white walls and one light gray wall to create a simple and refreshing feeling. The light gray wall behind the bed uses leather goods and metal steel lines to add a sense of hotel-style elegance. A light trough is installed above the pure white wardrobe in the master room to make the ceiling space softer.

【香港案例】觀塘760呎 淡雅簡約北歐風格室內設計
There is also a cloakroom in the master room, which is located next to the door. A sliding door design is adopted, which will not hinder the opening of the door and save space. The cloakroom is mainly white, and the wardrobe on one side is not designed with cabinet doors, which makes up for the shortcomings of small space and does not make people feel cramped.

【香港案例】觀塘760呎 淡雅簡約北歐風格室內設計

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