[Hong Kong Renovation Case] Modern architect style in 700 sq. feet stylish and personalized apartment with clear lines

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Every building material has its unique shape and texture. Can you take it to the extreme? If you put more efforts on choosing building materials and designing, what kind of house are you able to build? In this Laguna City renovation case, the designer and the owners carefully selected building materials to create a stylish apartment with clear lines.

Basic information

Laguna City in Lam Tin / Saleable area 700 sq. ft. / Three bedrooms and one living room / Cost is about HK$500,000 / Number of occupants 2 adults 2 children 1 domestic worker

Room design: Shelf from raw construction materials with fashionable and simple famous lighting

The owners of this unit are a married couple who both are architects and have the pursuit of beauty. They often come into contact with raw materials and different building materials at work and especially like the texture of raw materials. Therefore, many furniture is specially made and unique.

【香港案例】現代建築師風格 藍田700呎 線條洗鍊型格個性家居

The shelf in this room is made of woods commonly used as scaffolding materials. The whole piece of woods is installed on black brackets after adding varnish. The texture and grain of the logs are combined with the metal bracket to add a rough industrial style.

【香港案例】現代建築師風格 藍田700呎 線條洗鍊型格個性家居

In terms of lighting, the main light uses the pastel blue PH pendants with Danish classic design. The lines of the lamps are soft and simple, which are in harmony with the modern-style indoor environment. It reflects the light inside the lamp through its own shutter, making the light soft and not glaring.

【香港案例】現代建築師風格 藍田700呎 線條洗鍊型格個性家居

Bathroom design: Play with geometric shapes, modern nostalgia mix and match

Since the owners are architects, the designer brings the concept of geometric architecture into the bathroom, and builds a fashionable modern style with different geometric shapes. It seems that the space can be easily cut visually, and brings an indescribable sense of neatness and pleasure.

The bathroom follows a mix and match style. In addition to the geometric architecture, the floor uses characteristic tiles that were commonly used in the 60s and 70s, bringing out a nostalgic and retro feeling. The collision of retro tiles and modern geometric styles, on the contrary, produces an unexpected trendy sense, a flavour that will never go out of style.

In the wash basin area, dark grey granite is used as the wall colour to bring out a raw feeling. In the middle of the white exquisite marble rectangular countertop, a square granite wash basin countertop with clear lines is inserted. The wash basin is a highlight of the bathroom. A tall, pure white matte countertop basin is selected, and the lines are also simple, match with the overall geometric design.

【香港案例】現代建築師風格 藍田700呎 線條洗鍊型格個性家居

【香港案例】現代建築師風格 藍田700呎 線條洗鍊型格個性家居

The tiles in the shower area also took a lot of thought. This long white tile is specially selected, and the deliberately uneven edges can create a rough texture.

【香港案例】現代建築師風格 藍田700呎 線條洗鍊型格個性家居

Bedroom design: Geometry creates a 3D effect with unique customized glasses

The bedroom design is simple. The back wall of the bed is thickened with dark grey as the main colour. With two black metal spotlights, the calmness of industry style is brought out. The designer believes that the bedroom is the most relaxing place for all, so a warm-coloured bedside wooden frame and wooden floor are added to the dim environment.

The room comprises of one grey wall and three white walls. The thickened grey wall is hollowed out to make a rectangular bedside wooden frame, and a white window extends from behind the thickened grey wall on the other side of the bed, showing the layering style. Like the bathroom design just mentioned, it is the common skill used in modern architecture: “use geometry to create layering”. The room is just like a 3D painting composed of floating geometric shapes.

The wardrobe in the bedroom is also worth mentioning. The industrial-style wardrobe door on the left side, in addition to the black iron frame, is a grey straight wavy glass in the middle. This glass is specially created by the designer and the owners, which is laminated glass made of striped glass and grey clear glass.

【香港案例】現代建築師風格 藍田700呎 線條洗鍊型格個性家居

Kitchen design: White, grey and black creates horizontal separation for relaxing cooking time

The kitchen design is relatively bright, with white, grey and black as the colours of upper, middle and lower levels. The position of the cooking table is made of grey tiles. The light natural stone texture is different from the solid colour kitchen cabinets on the upper and lower levels, which brings out a visual sense of freshness. With the light rays hitting on the tiles, a relaxing atmosphere is created during cooking.

【香港案例】現代建築師風格 藍田700呎 線條洗鍊型格個性家居

Living room design: Fresh and lively family time, hidden with architect style’s clear lines

The owners have two children, so the living room which represents family time is very different from the overall style. The grass-green wall swept away the dullness. With the Japanese simple wooden frame and small chairs and tables in white, a fresh and lively atmosphere is brushing through.

Of course, this living room also contains the architects’ thoughts. The grass-green wall does not cover the entire living room, instead, white is used for the windowsill and the floor skirting. Additionally, the beams boldly retain the original texture and colour of the cement, turning the grass-green wall into a large paining, covered by a white and grey painting frame.


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