Hotel Style: Create a boutique hotel style in small space

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Many people like to stay in hotels because the spacious room. But in a typical 400-foot apartment, how can we design our home which is similar to a serviced apartment? Here are some tips.

1.Hidden storage space 

Serviced apartments emphasize a sense of spaciousness, but many Hong Kong people like to make cabinets wherever they are available.  So, if you want to create the hotel style, you have to give up on making cabinets. If you really need a large amount of storage space, try hiding the storage space under the floor.

2.Dimmer light to enhance comfort

The hotel is a leisure place thus the light is usually dimmer. Natural light source is sufficient and dim atmosphere can also create a classy feel.

3.Open design

Try to open the interval or use glass to distinguish the space. Open kitchen design can increase the sense of space and avoid making cabinets all over the kitchen.

4.Add some features to the apartment

The exquisiteness of a boutique hotel is often seen through the details. Don’t be too conservative when choosing the facing. It is because the facing will be covered after placing items.

5.Find the right company

Some clients will give the design photos they like to the design company for reference. However, the results are usually different from the photos, especially in terms of the lighting effects and the sense of space. If you want to get exactly the same details in the photo, the design company needs to coordinate with the factory from time to time, otherwise the end result will just look similar on the surface, but the overall texture is downgraded.

The following are the real photos of a 400-foot apartment. If you are interested in finding a company that specializes in hotel-style design, you can register through the platform. 

Hotel Style:細小空間也可營造 精品酒店風格

Getting off the bed from 3 sides and semi-open design

Hotel Style:細小空間也可營造 精品酒店風格

The light should not be too bright, suitable for apartments with better natural lighting

Hotel Style:細小空間也可營造 精品酒店風格

Semi-open design adds space and unity, hide the appliances as much as possible

Hotel Style:細小空間也可營造 精品酒店風格

Integration between spaces

Hotel Style:細小空間也可營造 精品酒店風格
Hotel Style:細小空間也可營造 精品酒店風格

Featured kitchen cabinets, wash basins, hanging pictures, etc. all give the feeling of a boutique hotel

Hotel Style:細小空間也可營造 精品酒店風格

Large glass with metal frame creates hotel X industrial style

(Image credit: Fung Style)


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