How to Choose Your Material: Soundproof Boards

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If you live near a bustling street, one of the biggest domestic problem you have to solve is probably noise pollution.

Prolonged exposure to loud noise affects your sleep and mental wellbeing. If you find yourself feeling grumpy for no apparent reason, pay attention to the noise level of your living environment.

To solve the problem of noise pollution, soundproof boards might be just what you need. The material of these boards can absorb noise, but their advantageous properties don’t end just there.

What are the other benefits of installing soundproof boards? Let’s find out!


What are soundproof boards?

Soundproof boards are made of sound-absorbing materials. This kind of board is widely in contemporary construction industry because of its ability to create a comfortable and quiet environment.


What’s special about soundproof boards?

How to Choose Your Material: Soundproof Boards

  • Sound-absorbing
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Fire-resistant
  • Heat-insulating
  • Moisture-resistant
  • Mould-resistant
  • Easy to clean and cut
  • Can be assembled into various patterns; decorative
  • Easy to install
  • Stable
  • Cost-efficient
  • Adaptive to different designs


How to choose quality soundproof boards

Quality standard

The most important piece of evidence for a soundproof board’s quality is its quality control report. The testing standards of a quality control report tend to be very strict; if a soundproof board passes a legitimate quality test, you can rest assure that its quality is satisfactory.

Besides the board’s soundproofing power, you should also pay attention to its strength, water and fire resistance.

Thickness and weight

Soundproof boards have a thickness of merely 18mm, sometimes even thinner than 18mm. Nowadays, the soundproof boards available on the market might have their thickness increased for a boost of soundproofing powers.

In fact, this reflects an inefficiency in its soundproofing character. The resulting board takes up more space and is heavier than normal, which leads to an increase in installation fees.

Lifespan of effectiveness

Some soundproof boards have a layer of rubber sandwiched in the core. The rubber is a replacement of vibration-absorbing material and soundproof fabric.

In the short term, the rubber can indeed boost the board’s soundproofing quality. But as time goes by, the rubber will harden which causes the board to lose its noise-reducing quality.

A well-made soundproof board should stay effective for at least 50 years.


Brand matters

Check to make sure the boards sent to you are indeed made by the same brand as the ones you were sent to do quality checks on.

In this respect, consumers have to be able to distinguish between trustworthy brands and others whose credibility is uncertain.

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