How to Choose Your Material: Wood Plank Ceramic Tiles

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Wood flooring has always been a popular renovation material because of its natural appearance, comfortable texture and soundproofing quality.

But maintenance for this type of flooring is quite a hassle, and the durability of wood flooring is generally lower than flooring made with inorganic materials.

The wood plank ceramic tile was born due to the market’s demand for a hassle-free option that is just as beautiful.

This printed ceramic tile has the texture and pattern of wood, as well as the durability of ceramic tiles. It is simply the Kinder Surprise of flooring.

What are the strengths of the wood plank ceramic tile? Here’s a simple breakdown from Deco-Man!


What are wood plank ceramic tiles?

How to Choose Your Material: Wood Plank Ceramic Tiles

Wood plank ceramic tiles’ surface is printed with wood pattern, or decorated with wood-print applique. After applying extremely high pressure to the surface, the tiles are heated in a kiln, which makes both the print and the tile stable and durable.


What’s so good about wood plank ceramic tiles?

A fusion of wood flooring and ceramic tiles

Wood plank ceramic tiles possess the delicate and natural pattern of wood. The glazing of these tiles looks like wood flooring polished with wax.

They have also inherited the merits of ceramic tiles: they are easy to clean and maintain.

Simply sweep the tiled floor with a broom regularly; there’s no need for complicated maintenance procedures, not anymore!

High durability

Wood plank ceramic tiles are resistant to water, humidity, wear, acids and alkalis. Be it the kitchen or the bathroom, this kind of tiles are suitable in most spaces in the house.

What’s more, they give the interior a vintage quality!

How to Choose Your Material: Wood Plank Ceramic Tiles

Environmentally friendly and free of formaldehyde

Unlike wood flooring, they are completely free of formaldehyde. The production of wood plank ceramic tiles does not at all involve harmful chemicals, which renders them a more environmentally friendly renovation option out there.

Style and colour options are endless

Wood plank ceramic tiles come in many colours and textures like glazed surface, matte surface, semi-polished surface and polished surface.

Tiles with different textures can create different visual effects when installed.

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