How to Design a Balcony

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Despite the small size of Hong Kong flats, a balcony is very often present in the general flat design.

Although these balconies are not incredibly spacious, their functions are numerous.

Here are some points of consideration for you concerning how to design and plan the space of balcony. Don’t miss them, read on!


Safety first

Since the balcony is in close proximity with the exterior, the quality of the renovation material for the balcony is very important.

When purchasing windows and railings for the balcony, quality and durability are your top priority.

For the floor, opt for anti-slip tiles to lower chances of accidents.


Small balconies

How to Design a Balcony

Use a lighter colour for a small balcony. Match the design of the balcony with the living room. This can create an illusion of visual extension and relieve any feelings of claustrophobia.


Thoughtful use of glass materials

To increase light exposure, add a generous amount of glass material to your balcony. This boosts the balcony’s airiness and serves to physically partition the space.


Remember to waterproof

How to Design a Balcony

Since the balcony is exposed to the elements, waterproofing the structure is key to keeping it safe.

Especially for the monsoon seasons, waterproofing the balcony is indispensable.

To waterproof your balcony well, remember to use professional airtight windows. Also, piping should be completely sealed. The degree at which the floor slopes should be carefully considered.

Between the balcony and the living room, always install a doorsill to prevent water from the outside to enter the house.


Increasing storage space

A well-planned storage space on the balcony can largely increase the level of comfort in the interior.

If your balcony leans on the large side, purchasing cupboards as storage on the balcony is a great way to free up space in the living room where you can move about more freely.

For decorative purposes, purchase house plants and florals to brighten up the balcony and give it a breath of life!

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