How to Design for a Small Kitchen

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In Hong Kong, land is probably the most expensive thing there is. For a lot of young aspiring home owners, smaller flats are their first choice because of the relatively affordable price.

To cooking enthusiasts, small flats can be disappointing because the kitchens in flats of this size are usually tiny. In small flats, space is usually reserved for bedrooms and living rooms instead of kitchens. What can you do to make the most of a small kitchen? Deco-Man’s here to give you some tips.


Open kitchen

Open kitchen designs are best for small flats. The absence of partitioning and walls maximises the spaciousness of the kitchen. You can opt for a pub style table that can serve as both a dining table and a food preparation area. Way to kill two birds with one stone.


Don’t neglect any unused space

How to Design for a Small Kitchen

A way to make better use of small, isolated place is to introduce tables for extra working and storage space. Opt for folding tables or adjustable chairs to extra convenience and adaptability.


Glass partitioning

How to Design for a Small Kitchen

Make good use of glass partitioning to increase the feeling of transparency in the interior. Translucent glass can magnify the kitchen’s spaciousness.

I-shaped design

The basic idea for decorating the kitchen is to place items in three, like the three corners of a triangle. The distance between each item should not exceed 1 meter. For very narrow kitchens, this technique might not be so suitable.

But wider I-shaped kitchens, this can create a more spacious illusion.


Simplicity is key

How to Design for a Small Kitchen

Generally speaking, kitchens with an area below 60 square feet count as small kitchens.

When decorating small kitchens, minimalist designs are the most suitable. This can minimise the feeling of chaos. The palette should have kept in similar tones. Plain, bright colours can lighten up the atmosphere and make the space feel wider.


No clutter

Culinary items can easily make a kitchen feel crowded and chaotic. Always store the items properly so that you can free up more working space for cooking.

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