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In this episode of Anthony’s DIY workshop, let’s learn how to dilute latex paint. How to Dilute Latex Paint? | Anthony’s Guide to Home DIY – with Deco-man. Visit



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The most important thing about diluting latex paint is whether the resulting viscosity is suitable.

What does it mean by ‘suitable’? It means the paint’s texture at application is smooth.

First, read the user instructions on the paint can. Very often there’ll be a recommended dilution ratio of water to paint. Take this paint as an example. 

Five to 10 parts of paint to one part of water.

Second, should you go for a five-to-one ratio or ten-to-one ratio?

A 5:1 dilution will result in a less viscous paint, while a 10:1 dilution will result in a more viscous paint.

High-viscosity paint will create more noticeable brushstrokes on the surface, while low-viscosity paint will create fewer of that.

But if the painting purpose is to cover the original wall colour, one or two extra coatings are needed.

Third, the dilution ratio printed on the paint can is just for reference. The most important thing is when the diluted paint is painted on the wall, whether the application is difficult. If so, add a bit more water to the paint.

Now I’ll demonstrate how to dilute the paint.

First, mix the undiluted paint thoroughly. Then pour the paint into a bucket. Add a bit of water. Then mix it thoroughly. Pour the diluted paint into a paint tray, and you’re ready to go.

Diluting paint is just that easy, in next episode, let’s look into other issues about paint.



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