How to dry clothes under the humid weather? 5 ways for you!

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In the summer rainy season, it is not feasible to dry the clothes on the terrace. We can only dry the clothes indoors, but they can’t be dried easily when the windows are closed. Let Deco-Man teach you a few ways to dry clothes indoors, so that the clothes won’t be smelly after drying up!

Tip 1: Understand the 4 places that area not suitable for clothes drying

1. By the window

Many people think that drying clothes by indoor windows can utilize the sunlight, but in the rainy season, the space near the walls and windows is too humid, which makes it more difficult for the clothes to dry out.

2. Under the air conditioner

When it rains, in order to avoid the heat indoor, many people will turn on the air conditioner, and then hang the clothes to be dried under the air conditioner. They want to use the cold air blown by the air conditioner to dry the clothes as it seems to be more airy. The cold wind does make the clothes dry quickly, but in under humid weather, the inside of the air conditioner is prone to mold if it is not cleaned frequently. If the clothes are hung under the air-conditioning and blown directly, the clothes that have just been washed will be stained with bacteria.

3. On the curtain

Some people don’t want to install additional equipment and they hang their clothes directly on the curtain rod for drying. In fact, cloth curtains are very dusty as it is close to the outdoor area. Therefore, putting wet clothes on the curtains to dry is equivalent to putting the clothes close to a source of dust and bacteria.

4. In the Kitchen

Nowadays, the living areas are very small. Open kitchens make it inevitable for everyone to hang clothes close to the kitchen. But in fact, the kitchen is also a place with heavy humidity and the smell during cooking will be absorbed by the drying clothes too.

Tip 2: Dry in the middle of the room

If the above four places are not suitable for drying clothes, where should I dry the washed clothes? In fact, you can hang them close to the door and the middle of the room. This place can be far away from damp walls and windows, and the clothes can be blown by the air-conditioning, but it will not be stained with mold by hanging under the air conditioner. The addition of a fan can also speed up the drying speed.

Tip 3: Dry by hanging the “long” outside and “short” inside

In addition to the drying position, the method of drying clothes can also help the clothes dry faster. As long as you hang the long clothes on the outside and short clothes on the inside or in the middle, you can dry clothes faster than hanging clothes randomly. Since the long-length clothing is on the outside, the area exposed to air and wind is larger, and it will dry quickly, while the short-length clothing forms an “n” shape in the middle, and the air flow can also help the inner clothing to dry.

Tip 4: Bend the hanger

There is also a small action that can unknowingly speed up the drying time of the clothes, which is to slightly bend the clothes hanger. We always use the straight clothes hangers, and the clothes will be a little smoother, but when the clothes are wet, the clothes hangers will make the clothes sticking together and air cannot enter. So, as long as the clothes hanger is slightly bent to increase the contact surface between the clothes and the air, it will naturally make the clothes dry faster.

Tip 5: Smart laundry drying rack

It is not easy for a small house to have a large place for drying clothes. You may wish to consider installing smart laundry drying rack. The new building design always has a high ceiling, which is very suitable for making good use of this equipment design, and it will not affect the interior design.

In addition to the electric drying racks that can save space, these smart electric racks usually have other functions including ultraviolet disinfection function, or continuous blowing of warm air for drying, which can help clothes dry quickly and prevent bacteria from growing on the clothes.


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