How to Fix Peeling Walls

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The walls are practically the face of the house. As Chinese, saving face is no trivial matter.

In our daily lives, due to factors like weather, human accidents and questionable quality of paint, the walls might start to peel. This surely causes the home owner to lose face.

Today, Deco-Man is going to share with you some tips on how to deal with peeling walls, and how to avoid them. Stay tuned!


Maintenance procedure

First, scrape off any creased and raised bits of paint, until the wall surface is clean and completely even.

Then, with a small paint roller, apply a layer of primer and leave it to dry.

After that, add glue to water and mix with spackling compound. With a scraper, apply the spackling firmly and evenly on the walls.

The first application of spackling does not have to be extremely neat. The wall beneath must not be exposed.

After leaving it to dry, apply a second layer.

Then, use #50 sanding fabric to even out the peeling portion of the wall, and with a piece of #120 sandpaper, smoothen the wall surface.

For perfectionists, use a light to check whether there is any unevenness. Spackling and buff the wall accordingly.

When it comes to large areas of peeling, you may consider reapplying concrete paint to the walls.


Daily maintenance

Clean stains as soon as they are spotted

How to Fix Peeling Walls

Always remove stains as soon as you see them. For waterproof walls, use water to clear the stains. Wipe dry with a towel afterwards.

For non-waterproof walls, try to rub off the stains with an eraser. Alternatively, you can use a cloth dabbed with detergent.

Leaving the stains for long and they will become permanent and impossible to clean.


Pay attention when decorating

Flaking might occur when you hammer nails into the wall. To avoid this, apply sellotape to the wall before nailing it.

If you hang pictures on the wall, upon removing them, you will notice stains on the walls. To get rid of stubborn stains, use fine-grained sandpaper to buff away gently.


Wax solution for easier cleaning

Wax solution can protect the wall surface from staining, and make cleaning easier. This solution has to be applied regularly so that it can work its effects.

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