How to fix the damaged wallpaper?

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How to fix the damaged wallpaper?

Wallpaper is a commonly seen at home for decoration material. As it has a good visual effect and it is easy to hang, therefore, many people like having it for wall decoration. However, as time goes, problems such as bumps, and other damages will appear. How to fix the damaged wallpaper? In this article, we will show you different solutions to tackle the wallpaper problems.

Wallpaper bubbles

How to fix the damaged wallpaper?

If there are bubbles on wall, it is caused by uneven glue on the wall surface. You can use a needle to pinch the bubble on the wallpaper surface to release the air. Then take an appropriate amount of glue into the needle eye position to stick the wallpaper tightly. Use a book to flatten the bubble area and let it dry naturally.

Curling wallpaper seams 

Curling wallpaper seams is caused by the thermal expansion and contraction due to changes in weather temperature and humidity. Generally, you only need use the wallpaper paste to paste the curled wallpaper again and flatten it with a book.


High humidity and poor ventilation in the room can cause mold to grow on the wallpaper. Wipe the wall with a dry cloth, and then use bleach or diluted wallpaper cleaner to remove the mold.

Damaged wallpaper

Wallpaper damages are commonly occurred. Most of the case are caused by scratches with hard objects. Small area damage can be repaired with a glue. If the damaged area is large, it is recommended to paste a new piece of wallpaper.

Wallpaper becomes yellow and brown

How to fix the damaged wallpaper?

If you hand the wallpaper when the wall plaster is not completely dry, the alkaline substances in the wall plaster will cause a chemical reaction with the wallpaper, making the wallpaper surface becomes yellowish. This situation is a bit difficult to handle. You need to remove the entire wallpaper and replace with a new one. If this problem occurs after few years of living, it is mostly caused by the natural aging due to exposure to sunlight and air. You can wipe it with a bleach towel. Wait for half an hour and then wipe it with water again. It is suggested having a patch test before doing the whole piece of wallpaper.


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