How to Hang Wallpaper DIY Style

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Wallpaper, the irreplaceable renovation material, is often featured in successful renovation cases. The multitude of patterns and colours makes wallpaper the one of the most loved decorative materials.

If you are wondering whether you can hang wallpaper by yourself, the answer is yes! Check out the instructions below and enjoy beautifying your home all by yourself!


Decide the size of the wallpaper

How to Hang Wallpaper DIY Style

First, you should decide the amount of wallpaper you need. With reference to the wallpaper’s pattern and size, cut it to a suitable amount.

Then, clean the walls thoroughly. Spackle any dents and cracks, buff and smooth any uneven surfaces so as to ensure a strong adhesion.


Cutting wallpaper

  1. Observe the symmetry of the wallpaper’s pattern. A thorough planning can ensure a better DIY experience and satisfactory outcome.
  2. If you are hanging a few pieces of wallpaper, prioritise which ones you are hanging first, and which the last ones are.
  3. After cutting the wallpaper, soak it in water for ten minutes before applying adhesives.


Priming and spackling

How to Hang Wallpaper DIY Style

First, apply primer to the wall surfaces. A moderate thickness is sufficient.

Then, spackle the wall. Buff the spackled surfaces to even out any ridges and raised bits.

An even and primed surface can prevent the wall from absorbing the adhesives. This is especially important in creating a firm adhesion between the wall and the paper.


Adhesive application

Applying adhesive requires a skillful pair of hands. Evenness is key. At the same time, avoid crinkling the paper.

After applying the adhesive, fold the paper in half and let it sit for 3 minutes. This prevents the adhesive from drying too quickly.

The surface area on the wall where the adhesive is applied, should be larger than the size of the wallpaper.


Hanging the wallpaper

Even if you have the best wallpaper out there, the lack of application skills will lead to peeling and bubbling after three months in.

When hanging the wallpaper, it is best not to do it alone.

Find a friend to do this with you. After applying the adhesive, each person should handle one side of the wallpaper. Pay attention to the leveling and symmetry of the pattern.

Should there be any bubbling, use a scraper to force the bubbles towards the seams. If that does not work, alternatively you can poke a hole on the bubble and force the air out.

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