How to Remove Indoor Formaldehyde

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Formaldehyde is always present in the adhesive resins of wood products. This substance enters your body in various ways, including inhalation, ingestion and dermal contact.

Prolonged exposure to formaldehyde can cause irritation to the nose and throat. In more serious cases it can cause nasal cancer and asthma.

You might not have renovated your home in years, but still, formaldehyde can be introduced into your abode by the forms of new wood furniture, cosmetics, sanitisers, pesticides, cigarette smoke and air pollutants.

It is a carcinogen rather difficult to avoid getting in contact with.

  1. Testing formaldehyde concentration in your home

    Formaldehyde, though having a pungent smell, might be a substance hard to sniff out in the interior.The thing is you might not be able to tell if that smell you can sniff out is in fact the smell of formaldehyde.But testing for formaldehyde can actually be simple. All you need is a formaldehyde testing kit.Follow the instructions on the package and mix the chemicals contained in the kit. Leave it in your house for thirty minutes, then compare the colour of the resultant solution with the colour card provided in the package.The Environmental Protection Department states that formaldehyde concentration in the interior should not exceed 0.081ppm. If the reading exceeds the limit, it’s time to de-formaldehyde your home.

  2. Purchase de-formaldehyde products wisely

    De-formaldehyde products and services are readily available on the market, but these products’ effecting speed and durability can differ significantly.Only catalyst products can take effect immediately and does not deplete over time. De-formaldehyde products without content labels in fact pose a health hazard: they might remove formaldehyde and at the same time, introduce a whole new range of unknown chemicals into your home.Only use quality products to de-formaldehyde your home.

The most affordable way – Formaldehyde Remover

How to Remove Indoor Formaldehyde

In our video we’ve introduced to you the 3M Formaldehyde Remover Air Purifier.

Manufactured by a reliable brand, the 3m Formaldehyde Remover Air Purifier decomposes formaldehyde in the interior. Simply place the purifier in the interior for a quick removal of the toxic chemical.

The 3M Formaldehyde Remover makes use of group reaction to rapidly reduce formaldehyde released from materials of home renovation, new car interiors, furniture and other interior decorations. This active water-based formula ensures high efficiency, speed and long-lasting effect of formaldehyde removal.

One thing to be noted is that if the liquid in the purifier turns green after being placed, it means that the interior has a severely high level of formaldehyde. You might have to take further precautions to decontaminate the interior.

The 3M Formaldehyde Remover, though incredibly convenient, is a consumable product that has to be replaced once every 3 to 6 months.

The most cost-effective way – photocatalyst spray

How to Remove Indoor Formaldehyde

The photocatalyst spray might be a more cost-effective option to de-formaldehyde your home for two reasons.

First, catalysts are not consumable, which means they can stay effective for a much longer period of time without replacement. Reapplications are needed only when the spray is worn down by cleaning and rubbing.

Second, with this spray, you can de-formaldehyde your home by yourself, saving the cost of hiring professionals for the job.

Medical Grade Photocatalyst Spray Can

This medical-grade photocatalyst spray with added high-strength nano-silver might be a good DIY solution (no pun intended) to a formaldehyde-infested home.

With added nano-silver, this photocatalyst spray not only removes formaldehyde in the environment, but also kills germs and neutralises other toxins present.

Generally, one application can last for a whole year and some more, which saves cost and the hassle of frequent reapplication. It only wears down on occasions of cleaning which involves rubbing of the applied surfaces.

The most long-lasting way – professional help

If you can afford it, hire a professional to de-formaldehyde your home for you.

Apart from saving time, professional technique ensures an even application and a more long-lasting effect.

Expect it to cost more than doing the job yourself. There are different services available which vary in price and additional functions, here are two recommendations from Deco-Man:

Medical-grade photocatalyst

‘One-stop solution to formaldehyde, odour, moulding, bacteria and virus problems’

For this service, professionals first measure the formaldehyde concentration of the interior in the pre-renovation period. Static cling film and high-density fabric will be used to cover up the areas where treatment is not necessary.

A control station will be set up in a high-traffic area, from which the ceiling, walls and furniture will be treated with medical-grade photocatalyst.

After renovation, another formaldehyde measurement will be taken to ensure the level of concentration is below the safety threshold.

The package includes a 2-year maintenance period, please find relevant information and prices here.

One-Stop 360C Japan Super Protect Coating

This service contains multiple functions:

  • Sterilisation
  • Bacterial growth control
  • Air-purifying (effectively neutralises staphylococcus aureus, streptococcus pneumoniae, influenza virus, bacteria, fungus, and filtration virus etc.),
  • Deodorisation
  • VOC and allergen removal (including formadehyde)

The resulting interior is mould-resistant, dirt-resistance and self-cleaning. In a dark environment, the coating continues to sanitise the space and removal harmful substances, keeping the air clean and fresh.

The package includes a 2-year maintenance period, please find relevant information and prices here.

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