How to Renovate for a Children-Friendly Home (1)

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Kids are by nature inquisitive. They enjoy moving around, exploring unknown places. As artists, they have so much to express and sometimes, the walls are where they show off their artistic skills.

If you are in a household with kids, there are so many things you have to consider when planning for a renovation. Check out these tips so that you don’t miss anything!


Paint for the kids’ room

The immune system and the respiratory system of children are weaker and more prone to irritation than adults. Therefore, when renovating for this space, parents have to pay extra attention to the paint for the wall.

The paint you choose for this space should be odourless and free of volatile organic compounds.

This space should have a good ventilation, so that the VOCs from furniture can be dissipated quickly. When choosing a quality paint product, you should also make sure that it is environmentally friendly and harmless.

How to Renovate for a Children-Friendly Home (1)



The paint for the children’s room should be able to withstand repeated washing.

Kids just love to experiment and express. The wall, unfortunately, will be their laboratory and canvas. Therefore, the paint you choose should be easy to clean and not prone to peeling. This is to avoid the kids accidentally ingesting any peeled-off paint.

Besides, it would be good to choose a paint less likely to attract dirt and grime.


Moisture and mould resistance

Hong Kong as a southeast Asian coastal region has a very humid climate. Therefore, the paint chosen should be resistant to bacterial growth.

If the paint can regulate the humidity of the interior, mould is less likely to grow.


Wallpaper colour

The colour of the wallpaper in this space should not be too bright or saturated. This is because overly-bright colours might be detrimental to their visual growth. The best wallpaper for the children’s room has a matte texture and is in a muted colour.

Before purchasing the wallpaper, place a sample of the chosen wallpaper adjacent to a colour key and compare the colours in an evenly-lit outdoor setting.

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