How to Renovate for a Children-Friendly Home (2)

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Besides the paint material, what else do you need to consider when renovating the children’s room?

When deciding which paint or wallpaper to use for the children’s room, the main things to think about are whether they contain harmful substance, and what the most suitable colours are.

But for the aspects of furnishing and bedding, what should you consider? Read below to find out!


Sturdy structure

If you kids lean towards the active side, and like to explore, when purchasing furniture for the room, observe whether the assembled product is sturdy, and the material hard to break.

Check the hinges to see whether they come loose easily, and whether the nuts and bolts are tightly in place.

This is to ensure that when the furniture is in use, it will not cause danger to your children, whether they lean on the restless or the calm side.


Rounded corners

How to Renovate for a Children-Friendly Home (2)

The furniture for children should be chosen according to the height of the kid. The corners of the table should be rounded.

Sharp angles of the table can easily cause accidents like scratching and collision.


Environmentally friendly materials

How to Renovate for a Children-Friendly Home (2)

Most wooden furniture contains at least a small amount of formaldehyde, which is a harmful volatile organic compound causing irritation in the respiratory system.

To avoid this problem, you may consider tailor-made furniture made with E0 and E1 materials, which are the wood material that contains the least amount of formaldehyde among processed wood materials.

Alternatively, you can choose solid wood furniture, which contains an even lower level of formaldehyde than E0 furniture, given that its manufacture does not involve using a lot of glue.


Cotton material for bedding

There are so many kinds of bedding material on the market, from natural linen, cotton, to artificial fibres, the list is indeed endless.

For children, the best bedding materials are cotton and silk. This is because these materials have a high air permeability. They retain heat well in winter, and allow heat to dissipate in summer. All in all, they offer a high level of comfort.


Avoid overly-soft pillows

At the stage of growth, children’s spines and necks are quite fragile. Therefore, the pillows you choose for your kids should not be too soft.

Opt for a pillow that has a suitable softness, breathability and moisture absorbance.

Overly-soft pillows are likely to affect blood circulation. Always choose pillows that are ergonomic in shape to fit the human neck and spine.

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