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Hi, in this episode, let’s talk about how to replace doorknobs. How to Replace Doorknobs?| Anthony’s Guide to Home DIY- with Deco-man. Visit for more DIY, decorating and design ideas!!

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To replace a doorknob, start from inside the room. 

First, locate the indentation behind the knob. Insert a screwdriver into the slot. Now you should be able to pull out the knob.

Then, twist the lid in anti-clockwise motion to remove it.

Unscrew the two screws on top and at the bottom. Then the whole doorknob can be removed.

After buying a new doorknob, disassemble the knob and locate the slit on the body on the whole doorknob. 

Insert the doorknob according to the where the latch is.

Then, reapply the screws and the metal lid.

Finally, insert the loose knob according to where the slot is on the main body. Then you’re done!

Remember to test if the doorknob is working properly, before shutting the door close.

Replacing the doorknob is just that simple. If your doorknobs are malfunctioning, go ahead and fix it yourself!

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