How to Resolve Renovation Conflicts

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There are many possible causes of renovation conflicts: the lack of communication, misunderstandings, misinformation etc.

Say, you told the workers to lay the patterned tiles in the centre of the room, but it turns out they have lain them on the sides, which ruins your original visual design of the space. It is not your fault at all; you have told your contractor more than a few times about your idea.

In this scenario, what should you do?

On the one hand, you’re upset about having your design somehow messed up by the workers’ carelessness. On the other hand, you’re worried that expressing your dissatisfaction will demoralise the workers and indirectly cause other renovation mistakes to take place.

It is true that you are completely entitled to ask for a redo. But the contractor and the workers will have to bear some loss on their part.

Here are some possible decisions you can make.


1.Ignore the mistake

We don’t recommend this at all.

Only if you genuinely do not care, should you let the mistake go without being addressed.

After all, a mistake has taken place. This will surely diminish you trust in the contractor and the workers.


2.Insist on a redo

We also don’t recommend you to insist on a redo.

Some home owners do not raise their concern until it’s time to make the final payment. Both sides, the contractor and yourself, are going to be dragged into a conflict about money. The renovation company might even hire people to help them settle the due payment, which is surely going to cause further conflict and unpleasantness.

In this scenario, you are very unlikely to get the one-year maintenance that you are promised. And this is what you don’t want to happen.

If you raise your concerns earlier, there might be better ways to resolve the problem.


3.Insist on a redo and pay for it partially

If the original quotation of the renovation is cheap, and the contractor is not willing to redo the tiles, you can consider paying partially for the redo.

This is a resolution that does not damage the trust between you and the contractor, while you are spending just a limited amount of money.

This gesture of kindness is in fact going to bring your some unexpected benefits.

This is why we recommend you to have prepare a small amount of extra fund before the renovation process begins.


4.Do not ask for a redo, but demand for better performance in other areas of the renovation

Some home owners can raise other demands in exchange for forgoing a redo. For example, you can ask for a reimbursement in the form of assisting the installation of metal parts and curtains. Also, you can ask for an extension of the maintenance period.

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