How to Save a Peeling Leather Sofa

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Authentic leather sofa is one of those mood-anchoring items that determine how the interior feels.

Elegant and dignified, the leather sofa is comfortable, sturdy, wear-resistant and has a long lifespan. Authentic leather features the natural pattern of pores and creases; it feels supple and flexible to the touch, and is quite easy to maintain compared to fabric.

But after a long period of time, even the most durable leather might peel. It is rather sad to see such a beautiful household item falling into decay.

How can you save a peeling leather sofa? Deco-Man is here to help.


In ordinary circumstances, leather peeling has to do with inadequate upkeeping. Since the leather is not adequately moisturised, it’ll start to dry out and eventually crack and peel.

Surrounding humidity levels can also contribute to the peeling of the leather.


Mink oil

First, use a specialised cleaner to wipe down the sofa. Leave it to dry, and then dab the cracked or peeling area with mink oil.

Apply gentle pressure and make sure the oil can reach within the cracks. Repeat the process until the crack looks like it’s hardly even there.



Crack two eggs in a bowl; separate the yolks since you will only be using the whites. Mix oil paint into a colour closest to the cracked area of your sofa, and then mix the egg white with the paint.

Apply the mixture to the crack and leave it to dry. Do not touch or wash the painted area when it’s still wet.

Then apply leather polish on top. You would be impressed with the result.


Paraffin wax

Purchase paraffin wax from your local hardware store. Rub the wax block against the cracked areas to fill the gaps with wax.

Then with a plastic sheet, rub the waxy surface until a sheen can be observed.

Finally, wipe the area with a damp cloth. Any scratches should be unnoticeably faint by now.


Authentic leather upkeeping 101

  • Avoid direct sunlight and extremely humid environments.
  • Good ventilation is the key.
  • Children jumping on leather sofa will cause the cushioning material to sag.
  • Avoid contact with sharp objects, ball pen and in.
  • Stains should be removed immediately with cleaners specialised for leather. Wipe down the leather afterwards and apply leather conditioner once dry.

Avoid rubbing too vigorously; it might damage the leather fibre.

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