How To Set Up A Small Backyard

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Whenever one thinks of a beautiful house, everything there is seen as big and beautiful, especially the garden and yard.

But in reality, you may have to be content with a modest strip of land behind your house. Some things you may have wanted to put in your backyard include an orchard, a spacious vegetable garden, a swimming pool, a sandbox, and even a dining area. 

However, your backyard does not have to be the size of a football field to be a relaxing space. So what can we do about a small backyard? Approach the layout differently.

How To Set Up A Small Backyard

Photo by Martin Kníže on Unsplash

1. Consider The Sun…

It is a known fact that the sun rises in the east. Then by the afternoon, it moves to the south, and by the evening, it is in the west.

Consider these sunny routes when arranging your yard. On the south and south-west side, there will be a lot of sun during the day. For the garden and vegetable garden, this location is ideal, but a day’s rest under the scorching sun will be exhausting.

Tip: If your backyard is subject to the scorching sun all day, fight the heat with tall trees with a lush crownMaple, birch, and acacia will grow the fastest.

In the courtyard located on the north side, on the contrary, there will be little sun (only a couple of hours in the evening), so it can be made as open as possible. For decoration, choose shade-tolerant plants or equip a rock garden.

2. …And Neighbours

If we are talking about a duplex or a” conditional ” fence between your and a neighbour’s plot, there may be a shortage of personal space: there will simply be no place to hide from prying eyes. The feeling of comfort and intimacy disappears when you feel yourself under close supervision.

Go for cover with the help of an awning! Please do not buy ready-made products from the hypermarket for gardeners. You can build an improvised oriental tent with the help of lining silk or even cheap burlap. Use the wall of the house and the fence as supports.

3. Add Greenery

It is always a desire to visually enlarge a small yard for some reason. All the tips for its arrangement just come down to how to achieve “visual space”.

However, there is no harm in doing the opposite for a relaxing space — deliberately reduce the courtyard’s size with the help of green thickets.

Along the perimeter of the fence, plant climbing plants and flowering shrubs — they will create the illusion of dense “green” walls. You will enjoy dining here, so feel free to plan a dining space in this area.

A cosy place where you can hide from the world and be alone with yourself will be no less useful than a daily swim in a large outdoor pool. If you already have room for a table, plan this small corner for a garden bench or even a sofa.

4. Plant Vertically

Who said that peas, cucumbers, and other plants should take up a lot of space? Plant the garden verticallyshoot the usual crop on a miniature area and use the free space for anything you want. At least for an equipped fireplace area in the fresh air.

In addition to its obvious advantages (a vertical vegetable garden does not take up much space), this solution will help you avoid weeds and many pests: after all, vegetables will not grow in the ground, but a special nutrient soil.

By the way, the garden can be not only vertical but also suspended — this is how, “on the ceiling”, strawberries are grown industrially.

self-made vertical bed saves space, but it requires more careful care. For active growth, the roots must be well-nourished, and they will grow in small containers with a limited amount of soil. Therefore, it will need to be fed, fertilized, and watered more often than the land on a regular bed.

But you will definitely not have to worry about the harvest due to a sudden cold snap — you can easily transfer your vertical vegetable garden to a heated room during the frost.

5. Use The Stairs

We continue to play vertically: select several levels to increase the area of useful space. Make the retaining walls high (up to one metre high), then they can be decorated with a facing stone or a waterfall.

Select the upper zone for plants. On the second level, you can place a small pond, and the remaining widest area can be used for family gatherings.


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