How to Turn Your Kitchen into A 5-star Cooking Space

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The first tip in turning your kitchen into a 5-star cooking space is ensuring that your kitchen has a good lighting system

There are three types of lighting to help you illuminate your kitchen. These three lighting types are:

  • Ambient, the main source of light

  • Task, for supporting the main light and reduce unnecessary shadows

  • Accent, to emphasise your favourite parts of the kitchen

These three lighting types should be able to complement one another to create a well-designed kitchen. It has been recommended to have ambient lighting in your kitchen as it creates a comfortable ambience for cooking. 

On the other hand, one should not handle food in a dimly-lit kitchen so as to avoid accidents when chopping meat, cutting vegetables or serving dishes. If you are entertaining guests in your kitchen area, a dimly-lit environment could lead to unnecessary eye-strain.

This is why it is important to get a strong and efficient lighting system for your kitchen to brighten up your cooking space, enhance the ambience, and let you feel secure and comfortable while preparing a scrumptious meal. 

Focusing on the right placement of lighting fixtures will lead to making the most out of your kitchen, and soon you will be able to enjoy your every meal, from breakfast to dinner, and even midnight supper.

How to Turn Your Kitchen into A 5-star Cooking Space

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This second tip is also considered the most essential, as it can be applied even outside the kitchen. You should ensure that you have sufficient kitchen storage for the safekeeping of utensils, electrical appliances, and crockeries. 

One of the easiest ways to do so is to invest in plenty of pull-out drawers and cabinets. However, be reminded that these storage types should be designed in a way that they do not hit the surrounding cabinetry when they are being pulled out. 

Storage solutions can be in different styles as well; you might choose to go with traditional methods but why not try something new

There are quite a few DIY ways for you to increase kitchen storage space; for example, you can install dividers in your cabinets to organise your cutting boards, storing each one in a separate slot so that they do not get piled up. 

You can also include built-in cabinetry to allow more space. Or perhaps you prefer using a kitchen pegboard instead? A kitchen pegboard will be a great way to hang your utensils so that they will not create clutter in your drawers or on your kitchen countertop.

Speaking of countertops, they are an integral part of the kitchen and can be crafted from granite, quartz or solid. Having sufficient countertop space means more room to handle food, place electrical appliances and utensils, and keep your stuff away from the microwave oven — prolonged exposure to the oven’s heat output may damage your kitchen appliances, so please avoid putting any useful appliances near the microwave oven.

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Every “home chef” who enjoys hanging around in the kitchen would love to have a wonderful kitchen to eliminate hunger. 

The next tip to keep in mind is to basically to ensure your kitchen is capable of facilitating your workflow, which is the whole preparation process of a meal. This process usually starts with preparing the ingredients needed, followed by cooking, plating, and ending with serving. 

All these steps should be done in different zones in the kitchen — one for storage, one for preparation, and one for cooking

The storage area is where the refrigerator is located. The preparation area is where you have your countertop and rubbish bin. Then the cooking area is for your hob, hood, and oven. When the meal is done, the preparation area then becomes the disposal and clean-up zone

Please note that the storage area should always be situated near the entrance of the kitchen to minimize your distance for the transporting of bulky groceries

An effective workflow will always lead to a high-quality meal, and high-quality meals give us a better life, so it is highly recommended to prioritise the facilitation of workflow when building your kitchen.

How to Turn Your Kitchen into A 5-star Cooking Space

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Here is the last tip for creating a 5-star kitchen — ensuring that your kitchen has good ventilation. Installing a range hood improves air circulation and reduce cooking odours. If you do a lot of cooking, especially if your cooking involves plenty of heat and oil, installing a range hood is recommended.

Splitting your kitchen into ‘wet’ and ‘dry’ areas also helps with ventilation. The wet area should be as close to the outdoors as possible so that the odours can quickly drift away from the kitchen. Having your windows open also aids in air circulation. 

Keeping your kitchen clean and clear contributes tremendously to the amount of good breathing space in your kitchen as dust and clutter will be cleared away.

How to Turn Your Kitchen into A 5-star Cooking Space

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To conclude, turning your kitchen into a 5-star cooking space is not as complicated as it sounds.

We hope the above tips will help you in creating a kitchen that works for you and all who will share it with you. 

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