How to Whiten Yellowed Shirts?

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Every family has a few pure white garments that do not last long at all because they get yellowed so easily. This is one of the reasons why people think twice before buying pure white garments.

The common go-to fix for yellowed white shirts is usually bleach. But generally speaking, overusing this chemical brings more harm than good.



White garments yellow easily over time. The content of the yellow stains is mainly proteins. After spinach is cooked in water, it releases a chemical which dissolves the very protein which yellows your shirts.

First, buy a bunch of spinach. After boiling it in hot water, extract the spinach and keep the water for later use.

Then, put yellowed shirts in the water and rub rigorously for ten minutes.

After that, take out the white garments and wash it again as you normally would.

Your garments should be clean and white again now.


Ammonia solution

Remove yellow stains left by sweat easily with ammonia solution. Sweat contains fats, which make it easy to stick to fabric fibres.

When washing these stains, add 2 tablespoons of ammonia solution to water and soak the garments for a few minutes. Rub gently and rinse with water.

After that, wash the garments like you normally would. This should clear away the sweat stains.


Orange peel

Very often, white garments turn yellow because the fluorescents in the fabric are fading.

Boil some orange peel and soak the garments with the water. This should quickly whiten your old clothing.

Compared to using chemicals like bleach and strong washing detergents, not only is that method simple, it also does not damage the fibre in the fabric. It also does not cause any harm to your skin.


Rice water

After rinsing raw rice, keep the water. Soak your yellowed garments in the water to whiten the fabric of your clothes.

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