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After the MCM style and millennialism, we are going back to simple and basic. Scandinavian is an interior design style that focuses on simplicity. It can split to two branches, one of which is Hygge. The word comes from the happiest place in the world, Denmark. The focus is to find the blissful moments in life.

The key to the warm Nordic style

Hygge style is to create a “comfortable and warm” feeling at home in a simple style. Imagine you are enjoying the breeze at night, covered up with a thick wool blanket, drinking a cup of warm coffee surrounded by the candles and petting your loved pet. This is the perfect display of the warm Nordic style.

Hygge style colour matching

The Scandinavian minimalist style is based on black, white and grey. But Hygge style is different from this. It retains a lot of white elements of the Nordic style, replacing black and grey with warm brown and orange. The best space ratio is 70% white basic colour, 25% soft wood colour, and then 5% brown and orange colour as embellishment.

The proportion of this colour tone is very soft. Wood and white become the basic tone, and then a little brown and orange as a touch up.

Warm wood elements

Hygge style:尋找家居生活小確幸 溫暖系北歐風格

In the Nordic style, wood is a necessary element, and there must be soft wood colour.  Wood can create a warm feeling without departing from the restrained Nordic style. With white as the wall and warm wood-coloured furniture, such as beds, wardrobes, floors, etc., this can meet the colour ratio of Hygge style.

The texture used in the warm Nordic style

Geometric patterns

In terms of texture, Hygge style is similar to the Scandinavian style. Sharp and generous geometric figures are used to enhance the sense of space and increase fashion sense.

Metal lines

Hygge style:尋找家居生活小確幸 溫暖系北歐風格

Metallic colours can increase the sense of sleek fashion at home. This is the difference between Hygge style and other country style, which can enhance the high-end texture. Rose gold and brass colours are suggested. These two metallic colours are bright but not too dazzling with a warm feeling.

In addition, metal element can be found in linear furniture, such as chair legs, small coffee tables, and floor lamps. The line shape can reduce the sense of existence. If it is hollow, it can create a small and non-occupying effect that reduce the oppressing sensation.

Fabric furniture

Hygge style:尋找家居生活小確幸 溫暖系北歐風格

Another soft decoration with texture comes from cloth furniture. Danes like using materials with warm elements such as leather and wool. You may consider buying some needle-wool wool blankets. Put it on sofa or bed in winter to increase the warmth and laziness of Hygge style. The cotton and linen fabrics used in the Nordic style can also create the same effect, and can be used for curtains, bed sheets, etc.

Warm Nordic accessories

Green plants

Hygge style is about comfort. You can use different accessories to create this effect. Green plants are one of the ideal choices. Green plants increase the vitality in a wood-coloured theme home. Putting small succulents by the window not only just takes up small space but also brings life to the home.


Hygge style:尋找家居生活小確幸 溫暖系北歐風格

The candle is the most important element of Hygge style! The scented candle, a small luxury item, is in line with the principles of Hygge style, which brings a calm atmosphere to the space, and the tiny fire light adds warmth to home.

Space use in warm Nordic style

Reading corner by the window

Hygge style requires you to put a comfortable chair by the window. This is a small corner for you to rest at home. You can enjoy natural light and a peaceful me with a comfortable mat and blanket.

Exquisite bathroom for relaxation

Hygge style:尋找家居生活小確幸 溫暖系北歐風格

Hygge style focuses on relaxation, so the bathroom is the best area. Bathing is a good way to reduce stress. If you can put a bathtub in the bathroom, put some candles, and even audio equipment, you can make bathing a truly relaxing process.


Hygge style combines modern and retro elements to create a comfortable and warm home. You are free to create you own Scandinavian style as long as it matches the colour tone with some soft decoration. But the most important thing in Hygge style is about a calming soul and find the blissful moments in life. 


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