Interior Decoration: Room Divider

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In the old times, room dividers are used shield the interior against strong wind. Modern room dividers work instead as decoratives and partitioning, so that the space looks more beautiful, and the space is divided in a more practical fashion.

Here are some room divider styles you can find on the market. Let’s check them out!


The classic room divider

Interior Decoration: Room Divider

The word that characterises the classic room divider is ‘delicate’. Be it the manufacturing process or the physical details, everything about the classic room divider is done delicately, skillfully.

The wood texture and smooth lacquer, in addition, feel very nice to the touch.

The appearance and structure of the classic room divider exude class. With a bit of stylish decoration, it can create a relaxing atmosphere where you can savour the moment, and marvel at the intricacies of the wooden carvings on the room divider.


The Baroque room divider

Interior Decoration: Room Divider

The Baroque room divider looks elegant, almost extravagant. Just look at the c-scrolls and s-scrolls, does it remind you of the French Aristocrats in the 16th century?

For simplistic and classic interior designs, the Baroque room divider is just the perfect addition. This type of divider is made of quality boards; the execution of details is immaculate.

The raw material of this room divider, PVC-coated wooden boards, is very smooth and delicate. This is a great type of room divider for both decorative and partitioning purposes.


The natural room divider

Interior Decoration: Room Divider

The carvings and silhouette of the natural room divider are both unaffected and delicate. When the sun hits the room dividers, the light casts beautiful shadows on the floor. This creates a down-to-earth look in the interior that also does not lack sophistication.

The muted sophistication of the natural room divider gives the room a sense of ‘learnedness’, which make this item very suitable for cultured and tasteful home owners.


The ‘cultural’ room divider

Interior Decoration: Room Divider

The manufacture of room dividers is a traditional craft. Room dividers come in all shapes and sizes, and in fact a lot of home owners just adore them. As pure decoratives, their aesthetic function can compare to wallpaper’s.

Paired with old pottery and ornaments like fresh flowers, the ‘cultural’ room divider which features ink painting can look very beautiful, almost from another time.

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