[Interior Design 2021] 6 tips for choosing wall colour + experience sharing by Principal of Deco Academy

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It’s time to renovate the wall! If you want to renovate by yourself, in addition to preparing tools, it is also very important to select the wall colour carefully. If you choose the wrong colour, it will seriously affect the impression of your home. Check out the following tips on choosing the wall colour suggested by Decoman and the Principal of Deco Academy.

Space colour tip 1: Do not use bright colours for a large area

The brighter the colour, the less it can be used as the wall colour for a large area, because it takes more layers to make it look good. This means it requires a longer construction time and larger paint volume, and the cost will be higher than that of light-coloured paint.

In fact, few homes can match with colourful walls. If you have used light-coloured walls in the past and want to refurbish them into a brighter colour, you must reconsider the matching of furniture with the new colour. If the style is not matched, it will easily make the home look unfit. Generally, brightly coloured walls come better with simple furniture.

Space colour tip 2: Do not mix and match many colours in a room

Normally, your home has only a few walls in total. If the walls have too many colours on, they will become chaotic and very discordant. In principle, set a background colour first, and then choose the theme colour and secondary colour from the same colour system with different shades. The three tones can make the home harmonious, fresh and look good.

【室內設計2020】 牆身色選擇 6 個小貼士+裝修學院校長經驗分享

Space colour tip 3: Don’t paint the ceiling dark

If the home space is small, it is recommended that the ceiling should be kept white, so that although there is no special effect, it can still ensure the quality of light in the room. At the same time, the white ceiling will reduce the feeling of oppression at home and brighten the room.

Space colour tip 4: The colour card is not equal to the actual wall colour

When you are purchasing paint, don’t be confused by the colour shown on the colour cards. Generally speaking, the actual colour will be darker than the colour shown on the colour cards after painting on the wall.

In addition, before choosing the colours, you should also consider your home lighting by understanding what colour temperature will you adopt, and then consider factors such as home arrangement.

【室內設計2020】 牆身色選擇 6 個小貼士+裝修學院校長經驗分享

Space colour tip 5: Consider repainting issue in advance

Before painting the wall, you should consider repainting as a follow-up issue. It is easy to repair or touch up if the wall colour is white. If you choose other colours, colour difference will appear when you are touching up. The repair marks may be obvious after repainting. You should carefully consider this issue if you are a perfectionist.

Space colour tip 6: Choose wall colour according to actual lighting

  • For rooms with poor lighting, try to choose light-coloured paints to make full use of daylighting to brighten the space.
  • For rooms with too strong lighting, try to choose a dark or cool colours to achieve the effect of absorbing light.

【室內設計2020】 牆身色選擇 6 個小貼士+裝修學院校長經驗分享

Principal of Deco Academy tips + experience sharing

Simon, the Principal of Deco Academy, shared some tips on choosing wall colour!

  1. If you want a more distinctive home, you can read magazines or visit show flats to get some ideas, but remember that the wall, floor, ceiling, light source location/quantity/colour and other elements are a whole.
  2. The general home furnishings are all white in colour(*not pure white, details below). Paint the whole house and add a special wall, which is painted in your favorite colour.
  3. If you choose white as the wall colour, don’t choose pure white. It’s not because of the fear of getting dirty, but because pure whiteness brings people a feeling of not gentle enough, and some people think that the pure white wall is like a cheap rental house in the past. In short, please get rid of the thought of using pure white and use some milky white/beige to make it look better and gentler.
  4. As for the feature wall, you can make use of wallpaper or paint. As it is the style of your living room, you should choose a colour that meets the ideal feeling of this home. When you use colour card, you can’t distinguish dozens of similar colours on it, you can try looking at their colour names. For the professional colour cards, the names are set very appropriately in general. I originally chose yellow colour, called SUN GOD, but later I changed my mind and used a similar coloured wallpaper. Since it is a feature wall, you might as well choose a rare colour that you like. Uniqueness itself is beauty.
  1. The last is the bedroom. I believe everyone understands the reasons not to use bright colours, but you should also pay attention not to use too dull colours. I used RIBBON BLUE, which is just like the colour of the Aegean Sea in Greece and sailor uniforms. Our guests love it. Before going to bed every night, I like to appreciate the wall for a while as the blue colour makes me feel comfortable and happy just like being in the Aegean Sea.


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