Introduction of wireless smart anti-theft system. The best devices for perfect anti-theft system.

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Our home security department expert Eric mentioned three lines of defence about anti-theft system in the previous article. In this article, we will mainly talk about the second line of defence, the alarm and sensors in the anti-theft system. The second line of defence serves two purposes:

A. Detect the intrusion of thieves.

B. Notify relevant people, such as the homeowner, neighbours, and even the thieves. Send out alarms to make them retreat.

The followings are the two characteristics of the mainstream anti-theft systems in the market:

Introduction of wireless smart anti-theft system. The best devices for perfect anti-theft system.


No need to connect wires. You can install the anti-theft system easily in a renovated apartment. Tenant can also install it without affecting the appearance of the apartment. The system can also be moved away along with the tenant.

Smart and intelligent

The smart anti-theft system can be directly controlled by a smart phone to monitor the sensor and receive instant notifications. It can also support multiple users at the same time. When the system is triggered, in addition to having the alarm rings, each user’s mobile phone will be notified immediately.

The following are some of the more important and commonly used devices of the anti-theft system:

Master device

The master device is the most important device in the entire line of defence, just like a human brain. It is responsible for receiving information from different sensors in the line of defence and switching alarms. When the sensor detects an intrusion, it will notify the master device immediately. When the master device receives the intrusion information, it will process signal, such as sending a notification to the user’s mobile phone or trigger an alarm to scare off the thief.

There are different kinds of master device on the market. Some of them are relatively large in size and inconvenient to keep. However, with the advancement of technology, some intelligent master devices are relatively small and good looking. They also have a built-in speaker for alarm or notification prompts.

Please note that the master device must have a backup power supply function to prevent power outage at home.

Door and window sensors

Door and window sensors are an important part of this line of defence. They detect the movements when intruders open or pry open the doors and windows. They are usually installed on doors, windows or drawers.

When the doors or windows are opened or pried open by someone, the sensor will send a notification to the master device. When the master device receives the information, it will decide whether to send out an alarm depending on the alarm mode at that time.

The power of the wireless sensor all comes from batteries. The following sensor uses an AA battery and can be used up to 3 years. When the battery is low, it will send a notification to the user to change the battery through the mobile App.

Infrared human body sensor

The infrared human body sensor detects whether there is an intrusion based on the detection of infrared energy from the outside. The body temperature of animals or humans is generally around 37 degrees and emits infrared light with a wavelength of about 10 μm. This infrared energy is different from the dead objects in the general surrounding environment.

Once the infrared human body sensor is triggered, it will send out intrusion information to the master device. Infrared human sensors are generally used to monitor a specific area, such as the corridor, living room, bathroom or kitchen. If you have a pet at home, it is best not to use this sensor because it may send out false alarm as it cannot differentiate whether it is a human or your pet.

Outdoor alarm bell

The anti-theft outdoor alarm bell plays an important role in the entire line of defence. We can often see such alarms with flashing light outside some shops. When the system senses an intrusion, it will emit a huge alarm sound and flashing light to attract the public attention and scaring the thief away.

Another powerful function of it is to act as a deterrent and early warning. The installation location of the anti-theft alarm must be in a very obvious place. The thieves should make some pre-assessment before deciding to break in. They usually break in the easy target, not the difficult one. When they know there is an alarm bell equipped with flashing light outside, but the neighbour next door does not, it is conceivable that they have higher change to break into the neighbour’s house. So don’t underestimate the function of an outdoor alarm. It may never be triggered, but it may have already prevented your home from burglary, protecting your property and even your life.

Remote control

When you leave home or return home, you need to turn on or off the alarm mode of the master device. Therefore, you need a remote control to switch the line of defence on and off. Generally speaking, the remote control should be small, light and portable. The smart anti-theft system also allows users to use smart phone to control the alarm modes.

Water leak alarm

Smart anti-theft can also provide other household information, such as water leakage. No one wants to be the last one to know if there is water leakage at home as it may cause environmental damage. Using the water leak alarm allows you to immediately receive a warning notification when the device detects water accumulation.

The water leak detector can be placed near the water pipe that may leak, such as under the washing machine, toilet, or kitchen sink, to avoid environmental damage.

Introduction of wireless smart anti-theft system. The best devices for perfect anti-theft system.

Smartphone App

The most important part of the smart anti-theft system is the smartphone App. It is the interface for all control and monitoring functions, such as receiving all real-time notifications, monitoring sensor status, alarm settings, and even recording all triggered event logs, which can be controlled through the mobile app.

Some system apps on the market even add the IP camera function, allowing users to use the same app to watch the real-time video of the IP camera, bringing a lot of convenience to users. Smartphone App is the main bridge between the user and the system.

The application of smart anti-theft system is extremely wide. Not only for home and shop anti-theft uses, it also allows users to know additional information. If you want to know what additional information you can see from the smart anti-theft system, read our next article.


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