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In this video, We will discuss whether broad brush or paint brush is more suitable when applying latex paint. Is broad brush or paint brush better in painting the wall? | Anthony’s Guide to Home DIY – with Deco-man. Visit for more DIY, decorating and design ideas!!

In this video, I will talk about how to use broad brush to apply latex paint.

Hey, hey, hey!

Yes. What’s the matter?

Apply the latex paint with broad brush? It is outdated!

Nowadays, we use paint brush to apply latex paint most of the time.

What size of paint brush should we buy? 5 Inch or 6 Inch?

This is a 6 Inch paint brush. Generally, we will use 6 Inch one.

But some handyman will use 5 Inch as well.

Please give me back my paint brush first.

When dilute the paint, most of the people for DIY will follow the instruction manual.

Following the ratio of 1 water to 5 latex paint.

Will you follow this instruction?

Not at all. We dilute the paint base on our experience.

For the amount of water, we don’t follow the theory.

We will first pour a certain amount of water in a bucket and then dip the paint brush with the latex paint inside.

Stir it well and observe the condition of the paint.

Then we will know the stickiness of the diluted paint.


Of course.

Mr. Lo, can you show us how to apply the latex paint in wall with the paint brush?

Okay. Let me talk about the gesture of holding the paint brush.

I hold the paint brush like this. But different people will have their own way to hold it.

And how much paint will you dip on the paint brush every time?

The DIY fanatics will follow the instruction completely.

They usually dip in half of the brush for standard practice.

So how much will you dip?

We do it base on our experience.

But when we dip the brush in, we avoid having it to touching the metal part of the paint brush.

In terms of the start position,

the DIY fanatics will divide the entire area into two parts, up and down.

And then draw a middle line in between. After dipping the paint,

they will brush it downward and the upward and repeat two times.

That’s it.

As we are not doing mathematics,

Usually, we will start with the top area.

And then brush at the eye level. It doesn’t matter that we are different in height.

You can start from eye level position. Brush it downward and then upward.

Repeat the steps 2-3 times.


For the second brush, usually it is like this.

There is repeated area for every time you brush.

Yes, there is a bit of repeated area every time I brush.

Mr. Lo. I know that the paint brush is for applying latex paint.

Actually, the broad brush I used is for brushing the wood furniture.

In next video, I will talk about how to brush the word furniture with the broad brush

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