Is the lice killer ineffective? Learn the correct od lice killer from the expert, Mr. Yeung.

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Lice are very troublesome for many families and it is difficult to eliminate them completely. As the lice removal service is expensive, some may buy the flea bomb to do it themselves. However, the improper use will only make the lice infestation worse! Today, our expert consultant from Decoman Home Care Department, Mr. Yeung, will talk about the correct use of flea bomb!

Common ingredients of a flea bomb

There are many types of flea bombs on the market, which commonly contain pyrethroid insecticide ingredients such as phenothrin and pyrethrin. flea bomb is effective in killing many insects, such as fleas, cockroaches or mosquitoes, but not bed bugs. If you are bothered by bed bugs, flea bomb may not be useful to you.

Check out the working area of a flea bomb. 

The label of the flea bomb should list out the maximum area of space that a flea bomb can be used for. If the used space is larger than the maximum space listed on the flea bomb, the smoke may not be able to penetrate every corner of the house completely, causing the lice to escape, making the flea bomb ineffective.

Is the lice killer ineffective? Learn the correct od lice killer from the expert, Mr. Yeung.

Correct usage of a flea bomb

Improper use and handling of flea bombs can worsen the lice infestation, forcing them to scatter and reproduce. Our expert consultant from HKDecoman Home Care Department, Mr. Yeung, will tell us the tips of using flea bomb below.

  1. Calculate the effective area of flea bomb

The effective area of a flea bomb is more than 150 feet generally. Before use, make sure that the smoke can completely cover the area where the lice needs to be killed, otherwise the smell will force the lice to retreat further inside, and the uneliminated lice will multiply and spread.

  1. Ensure a sealed environment

In order to ensure that lice can be completely eliminated, in addition to use the correct amount of flea bomb, the environment must be sealed tightly. There are skills in sealing the environment, not just closing doors and windows, all places with air flow also need to be sealed. As long as one or two places can generate air currents, the medicinal smoke will be dispersed, so that the smoke cannot cover the entire space.

Apart from windows and doors, exhaust fans and range hoods are also the ventilation places that allow air to flow. Use crepe tape to seal the seams of windows and doors, as well as ventilating places such as exhaust fans, so that the medicinal smoke will not slip away, and the smoke will penetrate the whole house more easily.

Is the lice killer ineffective? Learn the correct od lice killer from the expert, Mr. Yeung.

  1. Professional practice

Professional exterminator knows the characteristics of lice that they like avoiding light. The medicinal smoke will make the lice hide in darker corners, so the professional exterminator will uncover all the places where the lice can hide, including the bed board, the bottom of the table, the combing bottom, the bottom of the cabinet, etc., and then spray the pesticides thoroughly.

  1. Follow-up treatment is also important

After using the flea bomb, the follow-up treatment is especially important as the ingredients of the insecticide may affect our health. First of all, the surfaces of all furniture must be thoroughly cleaned once. In addition, it is recommended to wrap all clothing before using the flea bomb, otherwise you should wash the clothes in high temperature for disinfection. 


Mr. Yeung said that bed bugs must be completely exterminated. If you use general pest control products improperly, and do not complement the use of DE powder, killing lice will not be effective. If necessary, it is best to seek professional assistance as soon as possible.

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