Key Tips to Estimate House Remodeling Costs In 2021

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The home renovation cost is one of the top priorities in the minds of those who want to transform their home or build a house from scratch. And if you are hoping to live in the house for many years, you will need time and money to restore it properly.

To ensure your bank balance stays healthy, we have put together a guide that will help you estimate the house renovation costs in 2021.

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Estimating The Renovation Potential

Considering the basic work, you would need to bring the home up to the standard you want, which is an essential step in estimating the costs. Ask yourself:

  • Do you want to add extra bathrooms or bedrooms?
  • Do you want to expand the kitchen?
  • Or do you want to add a patio to your place?

Once you get your answers, the next step is considering the layout of the property. For example, are the rooms in your house in the right position? Or does the layout of the property flow? Its better to get the architectural drafting of your house plans to better manage your remodelling project.

After that, have a look at the outside of your property. Is there anything you want to renovate? If you are planning extensions in your property, is there enough room for those? Or do you want to replace the windows? How can you change the external appearance of the property?

Structural Assessment

While estimating the cost, doing a basic structural assessment will help you a great deal without having to pay a professional construction estimating services provider. Here’s what you need to assess.

Cracks: Have a keen lookout for the cracks. Whether big or small, they can impact costs. Check around all the wallsfloorbay windows, end of terrace walls, and where extensions join.

Roof: Look out for how old the roof is. What is the material used in the roof? Check the type of roof whether it is flat, gravel or asphalt, and keep into account the type of roof you want to get installed.

This quick check will give you an idea about the structural condition of the house and you can estimate the renovation cost by considering the type of materials you will use for renovation.


It is necessary that you check with local authorities and determine the permits you will need. The permits are necessary to make sure that the work is done according to the building codes. To save money, and to get a precise estimate, get all the permits before beginning work.

Average Remodeling Cost

To remodel a house, you will have to spend an average of $100,000 to $200,000. This remodelling includes improving foundations, installing a new roof, new plumbing, and wiring, and upgraded appliances.


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