Kitchen Design Suggestions That You Can Use in Your Renovation

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(Guest Writer: Nikki Kingsley)

As one of the most common home improvement projects, a kitchen redesign can be an overwhelming project and a project that puts a huge dent in the home improvement budget. Therefore, it is essential homeowners consider every option before embarking on a project that determines how much a home value will rise.

Kitchen redesigns on average can cost up to a whopping $50,000 and making sure you enjoy a healthy return on your home improvement means the kitchen design suggestions that you can use in your renovation should be clean, bright, and classically inspired.

Let’s review a few kitchen design suggestions for your remodeling project.

Kitchen Design Suggestions That You Can Use in Your Renovation

Install a Quartz Countertop

Although granite continues to be the countertop material of choice for homeowners, engineered quartz is quickly making up ground to land in the second spot on the preferred countertop material list. Quartz offers many of the same benefits that are offered by granite.

Unsurpassed Durability

Engineered from naturally extracted ground quartz and binding polymer resins, quartz goes through a manufacturing process that creates an almost indestructible countertop material. From the pounding of meats to the slicing of vegetables, engineered quartz is the ideal countertop material for culinary aficionados.

Absorbs Spills

You may have heard of Bounty, which is the “quick picker upper.” Well, quartz is considered the “quick absorber” of spilled liquids. Non-porous quartz will never allow a spilled liquid to remain a pool on top of a countertop. The manufacturing process is how quartz retains its non-porous characteristic.

Multiple Design Options

Homeowners that love to be creative with kitchen redesigns will love the design versatility of an engineered quartz countertop. As opposed to natural stones such as granite and marble, engineered quartz comes in a large selection of colours and patterns to help you mix and match designs with the décor of your kitchen. During the manufacturing process, a natural slab of quartz receives a pigment, which soaks into the resin to produce a unique colour scheme.

Low Maintenance

Because of its non-porous nature, quartz does not require you to perform regular sealing. You still need to clean the countertop material, but it usually only requires the use of a warm, damp washcloth. For more difficult messes to clean up, a non-abrasive granite cleaning pad ensures the material does not scratch.

Engineered quartz may run between $50 and $70 for every square foot, with installation costing homeowners an average of maybe another $50 to $70 per square foot. Quartz countertop ranges typically run between $2,000 and $3,900 for a professional to install the countertop range.

Change the Colour Scheme

According to the National Kitchen and Bathroom Association, white and off-white are the two most popular kitchen colour themes.

However, a growing number of property owners perform home improvement projects that involve repainting walls and cabinets. There is perhaps no other way to make a major change to how your kitchen looks than by repainting it. The key is to decide on a new colour theme that is cohesively applied from the floor to the ceiling.

Unless you live in the Taj Mahal, a kitchen repainting project should not bust the home improvement project.

Replace the Cabinets

On average, replacing kitchen cabinets chews up around one-third of a kitchen renovation budget. Cabinets represent high impact accessories that can become the design anchor of a kitchen. Remember that replacing every cabinet can net a healthy return on your home improvement investment, but the cost of the project can be expensive. You can save money by adding lights over a cabinet or applying a fresh coat of paint that is different in colour than the colour of the old paint.

New Material for Kitchen Floor

You have to consider several factors before choosing the material for a new kitchen floor.

First, the level of traffic plays a significant role in determining the flooring material. High traffic kitchens require much more durable flooring than kitchens that are used sparingly.

Second, you have to decide on the type of look you want the kitchen to convey. For example, hardwood provide a classic appearance, while laminate acts as a more functional flooring material that lacks visual appeal.

Finally, the size of your kitchen determines whether you can afford a certain type of flooring material.

Take a Backsplash to the Next Design Level

A backsplash is the kitchen design element that ties the look of the countertop with the appearance of the cabinets. Using a backsplash to create a seamless design transition between the countertop and cabinets helps reduce the unsightly appearance of a dirty wall. As long as you correctly seal the tiles making up a backsplash, you can choose virtually any type of cover material to enhance the ambiance of the kitchen.

One overlooked component of a kitchen redesign project are the storage spaces. Overhauling the places where you store things is more about optimizing space than changing the design of the storage areas.


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