[Know More about Renovation] 3 points to note on installing air-conditioners

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Many people ask what to pay attention to when installing split air-conditioners. In fact, regardless of whether the renovation project is for the whole house or only replacing the air-conditioner, there are many things to pay attention to, such as the scaffolding charges for the installation of split air-conditioners. What are the installation guidelines for air-conditioners? What should I pay attention to? Today Deco-Man will teach you the 3 points to note for installing air-conditioners.

Precautions for installing air-conditioners in renovation works

Installation of split air-conditioners

  1. When installing split air-conditioner, you should pay attention to the planning of new windows. For example, if you want to build a large viewing window such as floor-to-ceiling windows and do not consider the air-conditioner heat dissipation position in advance, you may find that the heat dissipation position of the split air- conditioner will cover the window after already replacing all the aluminum windows.[Know More about Renovation] 3 points to note on installing air-conditioners
  2. It is necessary to consider in advance the arrangement of the split air-conditioner’s drain pipe. If it is not considered in advance, it will be very troublesome to find that the drain pipe will encounter the beam or the bearing wall during the construction period.

Installation of inverter split air-conditioners

  1. Pipe planning should be considered when installing the inverter split air-conditioners, because it has two pipes that need to be connected. If you do not plan in advance, the appearance will be greatly affected afterwards.

Installation of window air-conditioners

  1. When installing a window air-conditioner, you should pay attention to the choice of curtains. If you use a window air-conditioner, consider reserve a venting position when installing the curtain.

[Know More about Renovation] 3 points to note on installing air-conditioners

For different types of air-conditioners, a list of points should be noted, so you should consider the type of air-conditioner before installation. You should also pay attention to whether the building where you are living has special guidelines set by the house owner about installing air-conditioning, such as whether the heat dissipation position of the split air-conditioner can only be installed in a designated location.

Air-conditioner installation method

Installing air-conditioners have different methods, and different methods have their own procedures, which requires professional knowledge and you can understand some too. There are three installation methods for air-conditioners including window type, wall-mounted type and hidden type.

Reasons for different installation fees

The cost will be different if the procedures are different. Before installation, you should know the charging details from the company to avoid misunderstanding. The following are examples of installation procedures involving costs:

  1. Basic installation of air-conditioner
  2. Supporting frames
  3. The length of water pipe to the outside (applicable to split air-conditioners)
  4. Scaffolding
  5. The two water pipes for inverter split air-conditioners

Explanation on installation process

Question: Before installing the air conditioner, the construction company said they must install supporting frames for the window type air-conditioner (charges apply). However, most homes have already reserved a space for installation air conditioner outside. So, why do we still need the supporting frames?

Answer: It is not good to put the air conditioner directly on the ground, because the ventilation conditions will be very poor, and the air conditioner is also prone to moisture, which shortens its lifespan.

Question: So, the company will install the supporting frames first, and then install the window type air-conditioner on the frames to keep the air-conditioner away from the ground?

Answer: Yes, but the air-conditioner still needs to be fixed with screws because it will vibrate and also produce noise when it is running, which may cause the machine to shift position.

Question: What are the consequences if the air conditioner is not fixed properly?

Answer: Fixation is for safety. If the company does not fix the air conditioner, you need to find out as early as possible. In addition, the installation of the air-conditioner supporting frames is depending on the actual situation of the unit, and the construction company should know how to judge. All in all, the air-conditioner must be fixed, especially in high-rise buildings, otherwise the air-conditioner may fall down. Note that if the bearing capacity of the air-conditioner platform is very poor, it may be that it is a jerry-built building. This needs to be verified by the company or inspector. Always remember that safety is the first priority.


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