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The cost of tiles and tiling take up quite a large proportion of renovation budget. Starting to save money on this cost is something that many householders will do. For example, houseowners may compare the tiles produced in different countries and see if they can choose a cheaper and better tile. Regardless of the types of tiles, Deco-Man is going to share some tips on how to get a good tiling quotation and buy tile wisely.


Points to note for getting a tiling quotation

Some people may wonder why does tile size affect the cost of plastering work? Most think that if the tile size is smaller, the cost of plastering work will be cheaper. In fact, this is not necessarily the case. The following situations will increase the cost:

1. Tiles are too small

If the tiles are too small, the construction time will be longer because of the craftsmanship work is needed. In addition, there are more spots that require grouting.

2. Tiles are too big

If the tiles are too large, the construction project will require more manpower. Originally, the work can be finished by one worker, but then the project may turn into a three-worker job. The cost of the workers’ wages will increase correspondingly.

3. Tiles are in special shape

If the tile is not in a common shape such as a rectangle or a square, but instead a polygonal tile, the work is relatively troublesome and the quotation will increase.

4. Tiles are in bad quality

During the cooling process of making tiles, when the shrinkage rate is different within the tile, slight deformation may be caused. This slight deformation will affect the difficulty of construction work. If the tile is not well laid, there may be high and low points on the floor.

If you want to a good finishing effect, it requires extra effort. It is not surprising that the construction time and effort will be doubled. So there is a chance that the cost is increased when compared to the one listed on the quotation. Therefore, when you are requesting for a quotation, you must first know what tiles you would like to use, which can help reduce the chance of additional costs.


Points to note when buying tiles


May houseowners ask what are the differences between Italian tiles and Chinese tiles and wonder must the quality of Italian tiles be better? We had consulted the professional comments from a decoration contractor, Ken.

1. Aesthetics of the tiles

Ken said the reasons why so many people choose Italian tiles mainly because of its traditional culture and long history. The pattern designed are indeed very unique. However, Chinese tiles also have many new pattern nowadays. In terms of design, houseowners can choose from a large variety of patterns.

2. Quality of the tiles

For quality, Chinese tiles are almost the same as Italian tiles. In fact, both types may also have extremely low-quality tiles. Therefore, the key is how to choose from a guaranteed store instead of choosing the place of production.



1. Numbers of tiles

If you need to buy tiles yourself, remember to ask the construction contractor for the area of the flat and let the tile shop calculate the number of tiles required.

2. Delivery

Before purchasing, you also need to ask the tile shop whether the tiles will be delivered to the site or just at the main entrance of the building. If the delivery is just to the main entrance, the construction contractor is not responsible for sending the tiles to the site. Houseowners may need to arrange the delivery by themselves.

3. Checking the quality

The construction contractor usually only accepts the tiles on the spot without helping to check the quality. If you really find that there is a problem with the tiles, you should discuss with the contractor whether you need to replace the whole batch. If necessary, you may ask the supplier to do the replacement.

Self-inspection of ceramic tile quality method

The cost of tiles is one of the biggest costs for construction materials. If the tiles are too curved and only discovered after laying on the wall, there will be no proof and it will be quite troublesome to replace. If you do the inspection beforehand, troubles can be avoided!

How to check if the tiles are too curved:

  1. First, observe if there is any damages on the tiles.
  2. Take two tiles from each box, stand upright on a flat surface and put the two tiles together.
  3. Keep the whole tile close together with each other, gently relax your hands, and see if there is a gap of more than 2mm between the two tiles.

Do not just press part of the tiles or else there must be a gap in between the two tiles.

How to check the size of the tiles:

  1. Take two tiles from each box and lay the tiles horizontally
  2. Put them together and see if there is a 1mm difference. If the difference is more than 1mm, the size of the tiles can be determined as different.


The above-mentioned numbers are common standards, but it is still recommended to confirm their standards with tile shops, because not every tile shop will follow this standard.


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