[Know More About Renovation] What to consider before installing ceiling storage space and platform bed?

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If you have a small home, availability of storage space is a very important consideration to be made. There are many ways to increase storage capacity at home, like installing ceiling storage space or platform bed. However, there are actually a list of points that you need to think over beforehand. Let Deco-Man teach you all you need to know about!

Construction of ceiling storage space

Many people will think twice about whether to create ceiling cabinet. On one hand, some may think objects may drop from the cabinet, on the other hand, they also have a thought to utilise the space efficiently. In Hong Kong, many people will build storage ceilings in corridors and entrance area. Is it a must to add storage ceilings?

Advantages of ceiling storage space

1.    Balance the vision

One of the advantages is of course to enhance the indoor storage space. In addition, if there are beams in the unit, the storage ceiling can also make up for the visual sense of unevenness.

【2020裝修知多D】裝修顧問Andy教你 地台床天花吊櫃要求你要知 儲物空間小貼士

2.    Easy to manage

Since the storage ceiling will not be always opened, you do not need to worry about cleaning or insect problems.

Disadvantages of ceiling storage space

1.    Feeling of oppression

If the ceiling is not high enough, you should pay attention to whether the storage ceiling will make the home feel oppressive.

2.    Make sure the cabinets can be opened if beams are present

In addition, if beams are present and you still want to add storage ceiling in the corridor, you should check if the cabinet can be opened towards the room direction as it may be blocked by the beams. For this situation, you can consider opening a hole in the bottom of the storage ceiling, but the storage space may be slightly reduced.

【2020裝修知多D】裝修顧問Andy教你 地台床天花吊櫃要求你要知 儲物空間小貼士

Points to note for constructing storage ceiling

If a storage ceiling is made, there will be certain restrictions based on the bearing capacity. Large and heavy objects are recommended not to be put on the storage ceiling.

【2020裝修知多D】裝修顧問Andy教你 地台床天花吊櫃要求你要知 儲物空間小貼士

Points to note for custom-made storage platforms

Platform bed has many advantages. In addition to increasing storage space, you can also combine personal styles with the platform. Therefore, platform beds are so popular in the market. However, storage platform is not suitable for every home. The following are the points to note:

1.    Ceiling height

Generally, the height of the storage platform under the mattress is at least 14 inches and can be as high as 23 inches. If the ceiling height is short but the storage platform is built, feeling of oppression may appear. But if the ceiling height is higher than 9 feet, you can consider building a storage platform with a height of 23 inches.

Generally, for a 23-inch platform, a large suitcase or folding stroller can be placed inside.

【2020裝修知多D】裝修顧問Andy教你 地台床天花吊櫃要求你要知 儲物空間小貼士

2.    Windowsill height

If the ceiling height is high enough, but the windowsill is not, building a storage platform will create a strange visual sense. It will also have a greater chance of affecting the safety of the home.

3.    Age of users

Platform bed is not recommended to be used in the bedroom of the elderly. As the distance between the mattress and the platform is short, more pressure is exerted on the knee joints when waking up, which may affect the health of the spine in the long run.

In addition, if you want to build a two-level platform, it will increase the risk of accidental tripping, so you should think carefully whether to construct a platform bed for the elderly.


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