[Maintenance Tips] Curtain Cleaning Methods for 5 Different Materials + Expert Answering Curtain Cleaning Questions

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Almost everyone has curtain at home, but only few will pay attention to its cleaning. Long-term exposure to dust and sunlight is making the curtain actually very dirty, and long-term uncleaning will shorten the life of the curtains, so care must be taken and cleaned. Let Deco-Man tell you the correct cleaning methods today!

Cleaning Methods of Different Curtain Materials

Before cleaning the curtains, you must first understand the material of the curtains, so as not to use the wrong cleaning method, which can damage the curtains.

【清潔秘笈】窗簾點保養?5款窗簾清潔法 專家解答窗簾清潔Q&A

1. Cotton Curtains

The most common home furnishings are cotton curtains. The cleaning methods of this kind of curtain is relatively simple, and they can be cleaned directly in the washing machine. When removing the curtains, shake the curtains first, so that the thick dust that stays on the curtains can be removed, and the burden on the washing machine will be reduced.

In addition, if you put the curtain in the washing machine to wash, it is recommended to add fabric softener to make it smoother and softer after washing. Of course, it is the quickest and most convenient way to clean the curtains in a laundry shop after disassembly, and you will not be afraid of the shrinkage of the curtains.

2. Velvet Curtains

Of course, the precious velvet curtains should be taken care of more carefully! Generally, velvet curtains are not recommended to be washed. Shake them regularly to let the dust fall off naturally. If it is stained, please use the special detergent for curtains, spray it on the dirty area, and wipe it in the same direction with a soft brush.

Even if it is unavoidable to wash with water, it is recommended to soak the velvet curtains for 15 minutes in water with a mild detergent, and do not wring them out vigorously. You can only use drip-drying and air-drying methods.

【清潔秘笈】窗簾點保養?5款窗簾清潔法 專家解答窗簾清潔Q&A

3. Lace and Embroidered Curtains

The curtains with lace and embroidery are particularly elegant, and they are the choice for many people to decorate their homes. Lace and embroidery are very delicate and beautiful and not easy to take care of, so it is generally not recommended to wash them in a washing machine. Before putting it in the water for washing, please brush lightly with a soft brush to sweep away the dust in the lace gaps.

In addition, if it is embroidered curtains, you must pay attention to the shrinkage rate of the fabric itself. If the shrinkage rate is large, the embroidery may pull the fabric after shrinking and deform the curtains.

4. Roller Blinds, Zebra Blinds, Soft Gauze Curtains

In addition to cotton curtains, roller blinds are also common household curtains. Roller blinds cannot be disassembled easily. As they are not all fabric textures and it is relatively fragile, so it should not be washed vigorously. Therefore, you are recommended to clean them with a vacuum cleaner and dust removal paper.

【清潔秘笈】窗簾點保養?5款窗簾清潔法 專家解答窗簾清潔Q&A

5. Venetian Blinds, Honeycomb Blinds

Venetian blinds and honeycomb blinds are relatively rare for home interior design, but if matched properly, they can become important decorations in home interior design styles, such as wooden blinds. With their unique design and materials, they can’t be washed in a washing machine, but they can be washed directly and sprayed with clean water, and the dust on them can be wiped away with a cloth.

【清潔秘笈】窗簾點保養?5款窗簾清潔法 專家解答窗簾清潔Q&A

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