[Maintenance tips] Steps and precautions for waxing wooden floors (update in 2020)

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There are many types of wood flooring, including solid wood flooring, engineered timber flooring and seamless wood flooring. In order to avoid repair, waxing is the best maintenance method to block the air, moisture and dust. It has the functions of anti-skid, anti-wear and anti-static to prolong the life of the wood floor. In this article, we will teach you how to wax the floor.


Preparation for waxing wooden floors

  • Floor waxing is best done in good weather. Avoid waxing the floor in rainy days and when the temperature is low, as excessive humidity is prone to whitening, and temperatures below 5 degrees will make the floor wax harden easily, which is not conducive to floor waxing.
  • Tidy up the floor that you need to wax before waxing. Cover the skirting and furniture with adhesive tape to prevent the floor wax contamination.
  • Clean the floor to ensure that there is no dust on the floor carefully, otherwise the waxing result will be affected. After cleaning, wait until the floor is completely before waxing.

Wood floor waxing and polishing

  • Fully shake and stir the floor wax completely before waxing. Moisten the floor wax with a clean cloth or sponge, with no dripping as standard.
  • Perform a local test at the corner of the floor to confirm that there are no abnormalities before waxing the entire floor. Then moisten the floor wax thoroughly with a clean cloth and apply it in accordance with the direction of the wood grain of the wooden floor carefully.
  • Do no wax the floor to fast to avoid missing part and uneven waxing.

[Maintenance tips] Steps and precautions for waxing wooden floors (update in 2020)

Perform the polishing twice. Wait the floor wax to dry completely before applying another wax. Polish the surface with a fine sandpaper or soft cloth after the wax is completely dry.

Notes on waxing wooden floors

  • Floor wax remover can cause marks and swelling of the floor, so it is best no to use it. Simply use a dry cloth to wipe. Special care should be taken to wipe the grooves pf the floor. Do not leave any detergent. Otherwise, the floor will become white and swell.
  • The floor wax should be completely dry. Otherwise, it will not adhere to the floor surface tightly, affecting the appearance and whitening may appear. The floor should be waxed for 3 times. A lint-free cloth or waxer should be used to let the wax oil penetrates the wooden floor.
  • If you want to have shining waxed floor, you should use a soft cloth and the finest sandpaper to polish the floor every time you wax. 
  • The old wax and impurities remaining on the wooden floor should be removed before applying the new wax to prevent the wax layer from being repeatedly stacked.
  • Excessive waxing will thicken the wooden floor and affect the gloss effect of the wooden floor. Correct waxing of the wooden floor should be done once every six months or more.


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